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Cyber Security Resilience for NFPs 

Are you wanting to safeguard your NFPs cyber security but struggling to know where to start? Due to the overwhelming response to our last pro bono campaign focusing on Cyber Security Resilience, we have decided to extend this offer to a limited number of NFPs on an ongoing basis.

Our experts have developed a cyber security self-assessment questionnaire based on five key industry security standards, offering a customised report with actionable recommendations to improve your cyber security posture. Your application will also provide you access to our cyber security webinar, where our team covers common Australian standards, risks, mitigation strategies, and essential governance for NFPs.

Let Dog and Bone take the guesswork out of cyber security and apply today! 


In light of the recent surge in cyber security breaches throughout Australia, and the sensitive nature of the data held by NFP organisations, it has become increasingly important for organisations to implement effective strategies to keep systems and information safe. By staying proactive, organisations can help ensure the safety and security of their data amidst evolving cyber threats.  

Due to the overwhelming response to our last pro bono campaign, we are excited to extend the offer of a Cyber Security Analysis report and provide access to our cyber security webinar to even more NFPs. These aim to address the evolving risk and security challenges faced by Australian NFPs, by supporting and empowering organisations to take charge of their security position. 

Did you know...

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Only 12% of organisations surveyed provide regular cyber security awareness training

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Only 1 in 5 organisations have a cyber security policy that outlines how they protect themselves from threats 

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Only 23% of organisations reported having effective processes to manage information security risk

Providing organisations with a holistic view of their current security state, this initiative offers tailored support to enhance risk management strategies and bolster organisational security by arming them with the knowledge needed to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity with confidence and resilience. 

What's included? 

Successful applicants will  receive a customised Cyber Security Analysis report, created by the team here at Dog & Bone. Based on responses from our self-assessment questionnaire, it incorporates elements from 5 key industry security standards and aims to provide you with actionable advice to improve your cyber security posture and maturity.   

To make sure you get maximum value from the process, we are also offering a 1 hour pro bono workshop with one of our senior consultants where they will explore the results of your report and  any questions you may have, and provide additional guidance and recommendations . 


In addition to the Cyber Security Report, you can also apply to gain access to our cyber security webinar, where our team discussed common security standards in Australia, highlighted risks and mitigation strategies, and essential cyber security governance for NFPs

Important application information 


A limited number of free reports are being offered. Click below to submit your application to be considered


You must be a registered charity with the ACNC, local government agency or healthcare provider


You must have limited access to technical resources and expertise in the area of cyber security 


You must not be  currently undertaking a cyber security review with another organisation  

We are excited to be able to share our expertise and knowledge with the NFP community. Simply enter in your details on the form below to apply for your own Cyber Security Analysis Report or gain access to our cyber security webinar today. 

Apply now

Articles & Case Studies

Screenshot 2024-06-11 214312.png

Key Measures for Strengthening Cyber Security in Not-For-Profit Organisations 

At Dog & Bone our research gained through workshops with a wide range of NFP organisations indicates that securing system access and donor data presents a significant challenge. Click here to find out more about common security concerns facing NFPs. 

Screenshot 2024-03-19 172444.png

Regional NFP uplifts cyber security

This community-centered NFP based in regional Victoria sought assistance from Dog and Bone to conduct a high-level review of their current security position, processes and practices. Click here to read more. 

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