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IPC Health Enhances Future Ready ICT Strategy and Staff Alignment

IPC Health, one of the largest providers of community health services in Victoria, engaged Dog and Bone to review their current technology environment and provide guidance on the future direction of their IT operations. This collaboration aimed to assess where the greatest need was to allocate budget for staffing resources and to enhance IPC Health's ICT strategy in alignment with their wider organisational goals.

“Finding a partner who was able to offer an independent external perspective was very important to us. Dog & Bone were able to provide this alongside recommendations that were bespoke and tailored to our needs”. - Ian Holland, General Manager Financial & Corporate Services, IPC Health

The client

IPC Health is a leading provider of community health services in Victoria, offering holistic healthcare and wellbeing support to various communities across the region. Their comprehensive range of services encompasses various aspects of health and wellness, including preventive care, medical treatment, dental care, mental health support, aged care, and social services. Through their tireless efforts and compassionate approach, IPC Health plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall health and quality of life for individuals and families throughout Victoria.

The context

IPC Health sought independent consultation from Dog and Bone to evaluate their existing technology infrastructure and determine the best path forward to support their organisational objectives effectively. They aimed to identify areas of improvement and enhance the utilisation of technology resources within the organisation.

Goals and objectives

The primary goal of the project was to assess where budget allocation for staffing resources was most needed and to provide guidance on the future direction of IPC Health's IT operations. Additionally, IPC Health aimed to update their ICT strategy for 2024-2025 based on the recommendations provided.

Our approach

Dog and Bone undertook a comprehensive review of IPC Health's technology environment, including systems, management, infrastructure, and technologies. This involved conducting consultations with key stakeholders through interviews and questionnaires. Recommendations were then provided to improve the use and effectiveness of technology within the organisation, along with a high-level implementation plan to achieve the reviewed objectives. Findings and recommendations were then presented in a detailed report and presentation to key stakeholders.


Key deliverables
  • Review of current technology environment

  • Consultation with key stakeholders

  • Recommendations for technology improvement

  • High-level implementation plan

  • Detailed report and presentation of findings



IPC health experienced a number of benefits as a result of their engagement with Dog and Bone. The Tactical Review's recommendations will provide IPC Health with a more resilient, efficient, and user-friendly ICT environment that supports their mission of delivering high-quality healthcare services.  


Key benefits
  • By expanding the internal ICT team, IPC Health can transition from a reactive "break-fix" model to a strategic, proactive approach, aligning ICT capabilities with business needs and reducing vendor support costs. 

  • Capturing and documenting the System Architecture will set the basis for simplifying application, data and vendor complexity, which will in turn set IPC Health up well for future enhancements to improve user efficiency, reduce change management challenges and enhance disaster recovery and cybersecurity measures. 

  • Establishing a central ICT Governance Framework including robust Vendor Management will ensure uniform practices, reduce costs and improve performance on SLAs. 

  • Developing an actionable Information Management Plan and moving to a more integrated enterprise data layer will enable real-time analytics, improve data quality, and support IPC Health’s client-centric model of care.  

“The experience that the team from Dog & Bone brought to the project shone through, and the recommendations provided were reported in language that was easily understood by our leadership team”. - Ian Holland


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