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CIO support for organisations that improve the world



If you want the support of a CIO but not on a full time basis we can help you!

Often organisations see a disconnect between strategy and how a service is actually delivered.

Our CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) can support your Board, Executive team and IT team with independent strategy advice to assist you in implementing and governing your technology strategy.

From vendor management to sitting on your ICT steering committee or executive/board reporting to program oversight we can provide a fresh and experienced perspective. 


Ethical & Independent Strategy Advisors

Strategic Technology Leadership

Change & Transition Management

Operational Management & Support

CIOaaS is designed to complement your IT and management team, providing experience, technical expertise and the strategic capability of an inhouse CIO without the overhead of a fulltime resource.

We can help you plan out roadmaps and solutions that leverage technology, enable business strategies and  support you to effectively implement technology change.

Our on-demand capability can flex and respond to evolving business demands without the expensive overheads. Access a range of skillsets from our team that can support the implementation of your technology initiatives.

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Our clients

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Strategic IT Leadership 

Most organisations rely on their technology to deliver their objectives, but don’t need a full time executive dedicated to governing and implementing their technology strategy.


We provide you with access to executive advice as required, deliver focused and independent insights and add experience to your leadership team, without  the cost of a full time resource. 

CIOaaS can support you with: 

  • IT Strategies

  • Thought Leadership

  • Investment roadmaps, Business solutions

  • In/Outsourcing Options

  • Resource planning & recruitment

  • Facilitating IT Steering committees

Expert leadership and advice, tailored and timed to your unique needs, ensures fit for purpose solutions deliver positive business outcomes.

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Change & Transition Management

During times of transition we can help you with the implementation and management of the change process.

We'll ensure an established program, project and communication management skills, credentials and experience is applied to the development of:

  • Business Case Development

  • Facilitation of change management activiities

  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation

  • Training development and delivery

  • Transition planning and management

  • Program and Project management

  • Vendor management

  • Documentation and reporting


Sensitively delivering technical and organisational changes that improve capability, performance and cost savings.  

On Demand IT Management

Our consultants supplement your IT and leadership teams with "on-demand" technical, management and commercial advice. We help your team deliver critical services to clients, staff and stakeholders, protecting your reputation and reinforcing your organisation’s capability.


We'll support you with effective  IT governance through architecture, policy and process which will ensure risk and compliance requirements are effectively controlled.


We'll also make sure business continuity/disaster recovery is managed and vendor performance is optimised through:

  • Service Management Reviews

  • IT Health Checks


Leveraging IT Operations to deliver consistent services, protecting reputation and manage risk.

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Strategic Leadership
Chang & Transition Management
Operations Management& Support
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Vendor Oversight

As an experienced independent partner, we help with the ongoing management of vendors using proven frameworks that lead to positive relationships, increased accountability, speedier issue resolution, and better service integration.

Strategic Oversight

We provide strategic oversight across a range of strategic projects that typically fall into three areas:

  1. An assessment of an organisation's IT health or assisting in preparing for rapid change (i.e. COVID impact on hybrid working).

  2. A strategy focusing on key capabilities that have broad impact; like selecting a primary application such as a case management or finance system.

  3. Detailed assessment of quality and compliance across organisational strategic pillars.

The difference in our approach is our focus on people, engaging with staff and understanding customers to ensure recommendations meet their needs.
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CIO as a Service Case Study

Strategic Oversight

Sisters of the Good Samaritans administers numerous charitable works and a congregation of over 200 Sisters across Australasia, delivering contemporary technology resources and capabilities.

Through our CIO as a Service, we supported the Sisters of the Good Samaritan with:

  • developing an IT Roadmap

  • oversaw the implementation approach 

  • developed and implemented a risk remediation plan

  • helped execute a Mobile fleet review which resulted in a saving of $100,000 per annum

  • presented proposed approach to executive and council members.


We also implemented a cloud based model and provided security, training and change management advice to SGS executives.

CIOaaS Capabilities
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CIOaaS capabilities

  • IT Strategy Roadmaps

  • Business Solutions

  • In & Outsourcing

  • IT Appointments & Placements

  • Thought Leadership

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Program & Project Management

  • Change, Transition & Improvement

  • System Selection & Integration

  • Vendor Sourcing & Procurement

  • Vendor Oversight

  • Cost & Performance Management

  • IT Organisation Structures

  • Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • IT Governance

  • IT Reviews & Health Checks

  • Architecture, Policy & Process

  • Risk & Compliance Management 

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

“I love that we’re able to work with and support organisations who make a real difference in people’s lives and help those organisations make the most of their technology.”

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