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Telco Cost Reduction for NFPs 

Wanting to invest in technology, but struggling to fund it? While it is not super exciting, we’ve found that one of the most effective ways of reducing an NFP’s technology spend is to negotiate and manage their telecommunications costs. Over 20 years, Dog and Bone have found that most NFP’s aren’t being offered the telco rates they deserve or are eligible for. 

We had an overwhelming response to our last Pro Bono Campaign focusing on telecommunications cost reduction, we have decided to extend this to a limited number of NFPs

Managing your organisation's telecommunications requirements and spend is challenging, whether you're a small or national charity. Telco is a vital component of all organisations operations but often NFP’s have large workforces working remotely and rely heavily upon it for service delivery as well as safety in many cases.    

We know that managing Telco billing and mobile service plans is not the most glamorous aspect of telecommunications, however Dog & Bone have been managing the Telco billing and services for many of Australia’s most well know NFPs for over 20 years. These organisations trust us to manage their telecommunications needs and tell us the cost savings we achieve make a huge difference  (especially as they are ongoing savings) to being able to deliver on their mission.


We also take the hassle out of the ongoing management of these complex services through our 100% vendor neutral Telecommunications Expense Management service . No one goes to study how to manage telco’s, this job is often left to finance or IT teams who have limited time or expertise and frankly have better things to do with their time. 

At Dog & Bone, we have a vision of a ‘better world through technology’ and this mission drives us to explore every avenue when it comes to helping our clients save money on their telecommunication services. We're inspired by organisations who exist to make the world better and over the last 20 years we have saved NFP’s just like yours 10’s of millions on their telecommunication expenses.

Last year alone we identified savings of over $7.7 million for our NFP clients, allowing our clients to maximise their impact while reducing costs



Achieved through:

  • Telco management 

  • Migration to new charity pricing

  • Vendor & telco spend reviews

  • Consulting & implementation projects

Pro bono Telco Cost Analysis report for NFPs

We are always looking for ways to widen our impact, which is why our team of experts created our Telco Cost Analysis report, an initiative designed to support NFP organisations by achieving significant telco cost reductions through charity pricing.


We are offering a limited number (5 per month) of Telco Cost Analysis reports pro bono to selected NFP organisations, so read on to discover what's included and how you can apply. 

What's included

Upon receipt of your telco bill our consultants will analyse your data and provide you with a customised Telco Cost Analysis Report. The report will offer a comparison between your current telecommunications costs and the pricing available for NFP organisations, as benchmarking your organisation against similar sized organisations.  Providing you with valuable data for identifying potential avenues for telco cost savings within your organisation.

The report will provide recommendations that will help you optimise your spend and reduce your phone bill, where possible. We are excited by these results as we know our clients tell us how important it is they maximise the use of their resources. The report will include information that will empower you to make informed decisions regarding your telecommunication strategies.

In addition to the Cost Analysis Report, and to make sure you get maximum value from the process, we are also offering a 1 hour pro bono workshop with one of our senior consultants where they can provide advice on implementing cost saving strategies, answer any questions you may have about your report and provide additional support and guidance. 

Important application information 


A limited number of free reports are being offered. Submit your application below to be considered


You must be a registered charity with the ACNC, local government agency or healthcare provider


You must be able to provide our consultants with a copy of a recent mobile phone bill


Typically these reports are most useful for organisations with over 50 mobile phone services 

We are excited to be able to share our expertise and knowledge with the NFP community. Simply enter in your details on the form below to apply for your own Cost Analysis Report today. 

Apply now

Articles & Case Studies


The below case studies are fantastic examples of our team utilising their expertise to reduce costs and assist organisation with their telecommunication systems in a range of different ways. 


Charity and Government Telco Pricing explained

Telecommunications can be confusing to navigate. With a myriad of plans, packages and providers, it can be difficult to know where to start. For time-poor non-profits and charities with sharply limited resources, negotiating the best rates and managing constantly shifting needs can be overwhelming. Read more on this project here.

case study 2.png

Anglicare sees immediate and long-term benefits of Telco Management 

Community Services organisation Anglicare Victoria has seen seven years of savings and benefits through management of their telco services under a Telco Management which includes, but not limited to; expense management, device procurement, mobile fleet enrolment and broader fixed and mobile voice and data management. Read more here. 

Case study.png

Aged care non-profit sees large savings from charity telco pricing

We were able to secure charity telco pricing for a Victorian aged care organisation and optimise their services, assisting to cut their telco costs nearly in half. Read more on this project here.

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