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Impact Report 

2022 - 2023

Ethical & Independent
Technology Advisors

At Dog & Bone, we have a vision of a ‘better world through technology’.

We're inspired by organisations who exist to make the world better. Enabling these organisations to have a greater impact through their use of technology, is what drives us.

We Audit Our Impact 

At Dog & Bone, our core focus lies in the empowerment of our client’s organisations through technology, and we achieve this through two pivotal avenues. Firstly, we specialise in enabling organisations to harness the full potential of technology to assist them in fulfilling their core mission.

Secondly, we excel in delivering substantial cost reduction through our procurement services. These services are designed to optimise the acquisition of essential resources and supplies, resulting in vital cost reductions and enabling our clients to strategically reinvest these savings.  









Impact Framework

With the overarching goal of creating a better world, our impact framework covers 4 key areas in which we can drive impact from an organisational level. Through thoughtful decisions, and with a commitment to continuous improvement, we can be sure that we utilise our resources in conjunction with these guiding principles to maximise our overall impact. 






In order to expand the number of organisations we help, we created the Impact Grants program, offering $120,000 in pro bono services to NFPs that need support with their technology.

Having an impact means more than just working with great purpose-driven clients. We seek out and donate to organisations and initiatives that are delivering outsized impact, such as bringing solar power to isolated communities.

We have a responsibility to use our influence and resources to advocate on issues of impact, such as attending climate action protests and hosting events championing the B Corp community.

One of the most scalable ways we can have a positive impact is through the work we do. Through delivery of great technology and telecommunications outcomes for our charity and NFP clients, we improve both their efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Clients


We are purposeful about who we work with as this is how we achieve our vision. In fact, in 2022/2023 one hundred percent of our clients were not-for-profit, government entities and non-government organisations. This clear focus enables us to deliver tailored solutions that align with our clients' values and objectives, and we ensure we have leading sector specific knowledge. 

“Prior to Dog and Bone it was challenging to know which direction to go and how to get there. We now have a reliable industry partner to lean on that can say, 'this is broken let's fix it".


Jon Perry
General Manager Corporate Services, Sparkways

Well-managed telecommunications help not-for-profits stay on top of vendor relationships, save money, manage devices and ensure teams get the right services.

Achieved through: 



  • Telco management 

  • Migration to new contracts

  • Vendor reviews

  • Consulting and implementation projects

During 2022/23, a significant portion of our activities involved continual telco management services and procurement projects. These projects focused on identifying and implementing cost and time-saving initiatives, resulting in over $7.78 million dollars in cost reduction opportunities identified. 

Migration to new contracts saw the greatest cost reduction for our clients, followed by our ongoing Telco Management service, where we ensure our clients services are in optimal condition. Through engagements such a
s as monthly audits and cancellation of thousands of no usage services, we have been able to claw back millions of dollars in over charges for our clients. 

Telco Projects and Management

Our Impact Through Telco Services










  • Monthly monitoring of telco billing to ensure accurate invoicing and charges​

  • Identification of billing errors and incorrect charges​

  • Chasing of credits from telcos on behalf of clients​

  • Cancellation of unused telecommunication services​

  • Support transitioning clients to correct charity pricing​

  • Proactively reduce the time required of NFP staff to manage their telco​

  • Develop and implement efficient processes for sourcing and managing telco services and devices​

  • Liaise with telco vendors on behalf of our NFP clients to reduce costs​

  • Facilitate finance and admin functions such as cost centre reporting to reduce effort

  • Monthly monitoring of usage to ensure all services are on appropriate plans​

  • Identification and proactive  management of unused services​

  • Proactive cancellation of services unused over a period of time ​

  • Liaise with telco vendors and managing cancellations and correct billing and chasing credits if required​

  • Leverage our wholesale pricing to get the best value on new mobile devices​

  • Develop device procurement strategies and streamlined deployment processes​

  • Provide advice on leveraging tech funds to get subsidised hardware for our NFP clients​

Case Study 


The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency now has their telco management outsourced so more money could be spent on their service delivery to the community.

"Dog and Bone is always honest and open, communicating clearly and without fluff. Their guidance and direction allowed us to secure an MSP more closely aligned with our needs. They’ve also helped us to navigate the complexities of VTS transitions, and advocating on our behalf with the vendor".

Briony Gatt

Infrastructure Manager, Nexus Primary Health

Tech Projects

Our Tech Consulting team focus on providing expert guidance and advice to our clients to assist them with how they can leverage technology to best deliver their organisational mission and mitigate challenges and risks they may face.

With the help of our expertise, our clients experienced a number of benefits through their engagement with us – and better still, we charge no additional fees on top of the cost for IT. Some examples of our impact through projects include reduction of risk through security reviews, increasing efficiencies through new systems, improving communication through new intranets and improving governance through an IT strategy.

Key impact areas across our projects


Our Impact Through Our Tech Services



  • Undertake cyber security reviews and risk assessment​

  • Manage procurement projects to find new IT service providers to provide ongoing security services to our NFP clients​

  • Help charities choose new systems to store their sensitive data securely​

  • Develop IT strategies to manage information and security governance ​







  • Automate workflows, forms and dashboards to help our clients reduce manual handling and paper-based forms ​

  • Select and implement cloud-based systems to store and manage client or member information​

  • Design and implement mobile device management systems to automate deployment of applications and reduce manual handling

  • Design and build intranets to improve staff communication​

  • Select and implement unified communications platforms to support communication across organisations​

  • Review and advise on websites and digital strategies to improve online presence of our charity clients​

  • Provide CIO-as-a-Service and ongoing strategic advice to managers in our NFP clients​

  • Report to boards and management on ongoing IT​

  • Develop IT strategies and roadmaps to guide future direction

Case Study 


Over the past two years working with us, healthcare organisation, Nexus Primary Health, has matured their technology and telco ecosystem through vendor and service reviews, and ongoing strategic advisory.


Impact Grants

Pro bono projects to help not-for-profits make the most of their technology, and maximise their impact.






Over the last 20 years helping purpose-driven organisations maximise their technology and telco, we noticed many not-for-profits who couldn't afford the professional services that would help them have an even greater positive impact on the community.​ In order to expand the number of organisations we help, in late 2021 we created the Impact Grants program, offering pro bono services to NFPs that need support with their technology.

We're always looking for ways to widen our impact and expand the number of organisations we can help. That's why we're so excited to continue our Impact Grants Program in 2023.


To learn more about our Impact Program and eligibility click here. 

Case Study 

Screenshot 2023-09-08 173942.png

One on our most recent Impact Grant recipients, St Kilda Mums, is a prominent, local organisation that collaborates with Maternal Child Health nurses and social workers to help struggling families in need.

We are so proud to be able to help a range of non-profits with their technology and telco needs