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Empowering Growth: Impact Program grant fuels not-for-profits HR transformation

Dog and Bone were thrilled to partner with Impact Grant recipient, All Things Equal, to select and support the implementation of systems to improve their client and employee management, and support the organisation as it grows. Our Impact Program is an integral part of our organisation and offers NFPs an opportunity to access services pro bono, allowing them to focus on their core mission and further support the community.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of Dog and Bone throughout this process. The team were very engaged and in tune with what we wanted to achieve, and we are extremely happy with the outcome”.  

The client   

All Things Equal run a social enterprise café that aims to bridge the gap between people with disabilities and the wider community. Their café offers delicious meals, catering and event services, and provides mainstream, paid employment opportunities to those in the disability community.  Further to this, they work alongside local community groups to run canteens and have created a cooking school designed to help teach real world skills to their students. With a mission to prove that people with disabilities are ready, willing, and capable of working, they offer a supportive and inclusive environment to help their team thrive. 


The context  

The client faced a number of challenges with their existing technology environment, including the rising cost of small, single purpose systems that didn’t integrate or provide a single view of the client information and outcomes. This decentralisation of their information and communication was decreasing their efficiency and not supporting goals for growth, improved outcome measurement and empowering staff with access to information. 

Goals and objectives 

The aim of the system review was to gain an understanding of the suitability of their current systems and explore alternatives in the marketplace to improve All Things Equal’s processes and storage of information about their clients and staff. The goal of the new systems would be to provide staff with access to well organised, streamlined information, allowing for an increase in efficiency and collaboration.    

Our approach 

Through detailed, ongoing consultation with management and key stakeholders, Dog and Bone provided a thorough and independent approach to assess All Things Equals current processes, information management and systems utilised for managing clients and staff. This consultation included gaining an understanding of their current system usage, features and limitations, as well as clarifying future system requirements.  


Key deliverables 


  • Project Management Plan and regular project meetings 

  • Review of system documentation, contracts and system use 

  • Interviews with key stakeholders and management to understand requirements 

  • Interviews with external stakeholders and vendors to review solution options 

  • Developed and recommended a solution pathway for all systems 

  • Presentation of solution to management for review and feedback 

  • Provided support and advice throughout the implementation process 


Key benefits 

  • Identified savings in license fees of existing systems 

  • Recommendations to consolidate the number of systems used 

  • Provided guidance on future direction of systems and information 

  • Provided implementation recommendations around timings, costs, risks and benefits for change 

“The team at Dog and Bone were very transparent throughout the system selection process. They demonstrated their independence by clearly articulating the pros and cons of each system, showing no preference of one vendor over another”.  


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