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Empowering Cure Cancer with Advanced Information Management Solutions

This case study highlights the transformative journey of Cure Cancer, a leading organisation dedicated to funding cancer research, as they embarked on an Information Management engagement through Dog and Bone's Impact Grant program.  

“As an impact grant recipient, we never felt that the quality of work was compromised based on the project being pro bono. The process ran smoothly and exceeded our expectations”. 

- Viviane Piccinini, Digital & Analytics Manager, Cure Cancer

The client

Cure Cancer is committed to kick-starting innovative ideas and accelerating new ways to cure cancer. With a passionate team including volunteers, ambassadors, researchers and partners, they strive to find impactful solutions to cure cancer and make it a non-threatening disease.  

The context  

On a yearly basis, Dog and Bone provides pro-bono grants and services via our Impact Grant initiative to the not-for-profit sector, with Cure Cancer being a recipient. They needed to enhance their information management systems to support their complex and vital operations effectively. During an initial scoping call, we established that there was a serious risk of data loss due to failing hardware. To overcome these challenges, the organisation agreed to adopt a cloud-first approach to their core business systems, through the utilisation of Microsoft 365, with the primary objective to implement SharePoint as the preferred information and document management system. Ensuring a seamless transition to a more robust and scalable solution. 

Goals and objectives 

The primary aim was to optimise Cure Cancer's technology usage, streamline information management, and ensure efficient handling of research data and organisational resources. Through the need to decommission their existing infrastructure, the organisation looked to further streamline operations and reduce maintenance costs, transitioning from a capital expenditure (CapEX) model to an operational expenditure (OpEX) model through the subscription-based service provided by Microsoft, further supporting the organisation in achieving cost savings, and budget predictability. The overarching goal was to reduce their risk of data loss, while avoiding high capital expenditure through the replacement of their existing file server. 

Our approach 

Having supported similar organisations through the process of implementing robust information and document management systems, Dog and Bone were engaged to aid the organisation through the entire process of analysis, design, change management, and implementation. 


Drawing upon their existing experience, Dog and Bone laid the foundation for a structured approach to the engagement. Firstly, ensuring the future system meets the organisation’s needs, through the delivery of a series of workshops with key stakeholders. Secondly, through the solution design and migration phase, ultimately building out the environment and migrating the organisation’s data into the new cloud-based solution.  

Key benefits: 

  • Enhanced efficiency in managing research data and resources 

  • Improved technological infrastructure for streamlined operations 

  • Cost savings redirected towards cancer research and initiatives 



The engagement significantly bolstered Cure Cancer’s ability to manage information and technology, thereby amplifying their impact in the fight against cancer. 

“We are very appreciative of the work that Dog and Bone completed for us. The team were extremely responsive, accommodating and went above and beyond to ensure the work was completed effectively and on time”. 

- Viviane Piccinini


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