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Impact Program

Pro bono services to help not-for-profits make the most of their technology and maximise their impact.

Impact Program 

Over the past 20 years we've been helping purpose-driven organisations in the not-for-profit sector maximise their technology and telco.

Last year our Impact Grants provided $129,000 of services to not-for-profits. This year we are re-launching our Impact Program to help even more.

Since it's inception, Dog and Bone has assisted many of Australia's most loved charities and well known government organisations by leveraging our expertise in projects such as IT strategy, system review/selections and telco cost reduction and management. All with the overarching goal of enabling these organisations to make the most of their technology and maximise their impact. 

The tangible impact of our efforts is reflected in the remarkable figures we achieved last year, and we remain dedicated to expanding our reach and increasing the depth of our impact.

IMPACT FOR 2022/23

Each round will be offering a range of pro bono support, including in-person workshops, webinars,  comprehensive resources and 1:1 support. We will also focus on providing support to eligible NFP’s in one key theme, per round, throughout the year.

Key topics we will focus on include:​


Cost reduction​​

Driving technology & communication efficiencies 

Reducing risk with technology solutions

Improving technology decision-making 

Pro Bono Offers

In addition to our Impact Program, we also have a number of application-only pro bono offerings that are open at all times. 


Click below to discover more on some of our most recent offerings and to apply: 

  • Telco Cost Reduction:  Unlock savings with one of our comprehensive analysis reports, identifying key cost saving initiatives through telco optimisation. 

  • Cyber Security Resilience: Learn how to safeguard your NFPs cyber security with our custom cyber security analysis reports, providing a holistic view of your current cyber security posture and recommendations and advice to improve this. 

  • NFP Guide to Systems: Discover insights to understand your systems lifecycle, manage for better outcomes, and know when change is needed.

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"Our Impact Program is a testament to our commitment to making a meaningful difference, and together with our NFP clients, we aspire to create a legacy of positive impact".

Matt Walton
CEO, Dog & Bone

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Applications for our Impact Program have now closed.

Please fill in your details below to be kept up to date on news and future rounds.

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