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Technology procurement

We specialise in vendor agnostic procurement of technology and telco services to ensure they meet your requirements, deliver value and save money.​

With so many vendors on offer it’s important to identify how they differ, which suits your short and long term needs and delivers the best price.

We bring an independent, experienced and ethical approach to procuring services. Whether it’s renegotiating with your current vendor, figuring out what your options are or going to market,  we make sure your technology and telecommunications providers deliver the right capabilities at the right price to enable you to deliver on your mission.

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Ethical & Independent Procurement

Tender management

For organisations looking for end-to-end management or targeted support. We can help from requirements gathering and market review, to selection and implementation of contracts.

Renegotiate or optimise current contract

Sometimes you’re with the right vendor but can improve the partnership. We help evaluate, optimise and renegotiate your contract so you get a better technical outcome and reduce costs.

Benchmarking & analytics

If you’re not sure where to start we can help work out what your options are and the best way forward, whether it’s going to market or making the most of your current partnerships.


True independence, unbiased advice.

Our clients value our independent advice - we don't preference any provider over another. We’re not tied to any vendors, we don't accept any kickbacks or incentives.

Our independence is essential as we help you review and refine your existing service provider relationships, or to bring in new ones.

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Tim Anderson, Senior Consultant

There have been huge benefits to Anglicare Victoria of engaging Dog and Bone’s procurement services.

Dean Mills
Head of Technology, Anglicare Victoria


Comprehensive RFP management

We’ll manage and run your RFP process in consultation with you. From requirements gathering to landscape evaluation & benchmarking to contract transition and post-transition optimisation. We can support your procurement of MSPs, UC Solutions, Fixed Lines, Fixed Data and Mobile services.

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James O'Callaghan, Senior Consultant 

Renegotiating with your current partner

You don’t always need to leave your vendor to get a better deal. We can support you in renegotiating with your current partner so you don’t have to transition to another.


Assessing your procurement opportunities

Not sure whether you want to renegotiate with your current vendor or find a new partner? We’ll assess your options and help you work out which path is right for your organisation.

Assessing your procurement opportunities

Procurement capabilities


  • Service benchmarking​

  • Auditing analysis​

  • Contract negotiation

  • Vendor assessment & selection​

  • Contract implementation & verification

  • Contract transition support


  • MSP

  • WAN

  • Fixed Data

  • Fixed Voice

  • SIP

  • Mobiles

  • UC Applications

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I love that Dog & Bone helps people, who help people.

Tim Anderson
Senior Consultant, Dog & Bone

Amber Beard, Client Engagement Manager
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Are you eligible for VTS pricing?

With our help many of our clients are able to access significantly better pricing through the Victorian Government’s VTS framework.

The procurement framework is designed to deliver better value to eligible not-for-profits and government organisations and optimise the latest technology for mobility, data, voice, internet and unified communication services.

Your organisation may be eligible! Reach out to find out if you are and next steps to better pricing.

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See how your rates
stack up against industry

It’s important to see how your contracts and partnerships measure up to the industry and similar organisations.


Are you over or underpaying on your tech or telco? Our benchmarking software includes 20 years of industry-wide data, so you can be sure you'll be making an informed decision.

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Proprietary expense analysis software

Over 20 years we've developed custom analytics software to programmatically assess large telco bills. In minutes we can analyse contracts with thousands of line items combined with industry-wide benchmarks and trends to rapidly identify gaps and opportunities.

Brandon Howard - genU.jpeg

Dog & Bone brought an in depth knowledge of how Telcos operate and were able to lead us in making the best strategic infrastructure decisions for GenU’s future.

Brandon Howard
Executive General Manager Corporate, GenU


Identify incorrect billing

Incorrect billing is one of the most common reasons why organisations are being overcharged, and the additional costs can be significant.

We evaluate every item on your invoices against your contracted rates and provide documentation so you can get credited and stop paying more than you should.

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Case studies


Opportunities Assessment and RFP


GenU is a not-for-profit that works to  empower people to reach their full potential.

We conducted commercial benchmarking to identify viability of different paths to market an opportunities assessment to determine the value of an RFP process.

We were able to establish that running a full RFP was the best option for them and identified a potential saving of $1.5M over 3 years.

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