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Dog and Bone have partnered with a prominent membership organisation for over four years, commencing in 2019, uplifting technology and technology services through the delivery of strategic projects. This has resulted in additional services, improved security, reduced risk, increased efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced collaboration among staff and members. The client

This membership organisation is the peak body in its field, with 17,000 members in Victoria, Australia. As a not-for-profit organisation, this organisation advocates for the rights and interests of its members, promoting their professional development and wellbeing. They have a proud history of advocating for fair pay and conditions, providing support and assistance to its members, and working collaboratively with government agencies to ensure that the needs of its members are met.

“Dog and Bone’s collaborative and independent nature allowed them to easily integrate into the team, ensuring a smoother buy in process from both staff and vendors”.

Projects and services

Dog and Bone were initially engaged to undertake a tactical review of the associations membership system implementation project, resulting in several recommendations which Dog and Bone were re-engaged to manage the remediation project to fix and uplift the capability of the membership management system and enable the decommissioning of old systems and consolidation of information.


During this project engagement the partnership between the association and Dog and Bone was broadened to include strategic advisory services, advising on the associations IT interests, mentoring internal IT staff, and guiding undertakings with other organisations to enhance services to members. It also included facilitating a move into a new building, including the integration of security controls, visitor management, with fully integrated collaboration and training facilities.


Dog and Bone also guided the association in the preparation of an IT strategy and delivery of additional strategic technology projects, implementing an information management system. It also transformed the associations technology environment to become cloud first and included a roll out of a new and managed standard operating environment, reviewing and updating the associations web site, and undertaking a procurement project to source a new IT managed service provider.


Our broad expertise in providing strategic advice and delivering technology projects assisted the association in resolving long standing issues, source new and aligned partners, and provide improved services to members more efficiently. This process also resulted in a better relationship with the new partners, as we were able to facilitate buy-in and engagement from both staff and vendors.


Moreover, our collaborative approach to working with the association meant that we were able to identify issues with the process and get it right the first time. This attention to detail and our expertise resulted in significant improvements to the association's operations, which they appreciated. The association found our team easy to work with and felt that we integrated well with their team.


Finally, we were able to provide mentorship to the organisations IT Projects Officer, improving their skills significantly and giving them the confidence to continue in the field of technology. Our mentorship helped this individual acquire the necessary skills to progress further in their career. As a result, they feel that they will continue to stay connected with us, and we are pleased to have made a positive impact on their professional development.


Our partnership with this organisation has resulted not only in several successful project outcomes, but also in the professional development of internal staff, improved relationships with vendors, and significant improvements to the association's operations.

“The mentorship that Dog and Bone provided our team have allowed for a significant improvement in their skills, as opposed to engaging in a conventional service delivery approach”.


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