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Securing the future of community housing

Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL) a leading provider of affordable housing in Australia, engaged Dog and Bone to develop their ICT Strategy and provide a roadmap for the next three years. Affordable housing is one of the major challenges facing Australia today and CEHL needed to ensure their technology was ready to meet this challenge.

The client

CEHL runs the largest co-operative housing program in Australia, providing properties and resources to over 100 co-ops and over 2,000 members. These co-operatives provide affordable homes, empower people, and help build strong communities.

The context

CEHL encountered challenges with their existing technology environment, including incompatible and outdated systems, administrative overheads, and ICT Governance issues. These challenges necessitated a comprehensive review of their IT strategy to identify the most effective means of enhancing and improving the overall ICT capability.

The goal

The goal of the IT Strategy project was to develop a clear vision for the future direction of their ICT systems. The aim was to first enhance their ICT capability and then position CEHL as a technology leader in the housing co-op sector.

Our approach

Dog and Bone employed a comprehensive and independent approach to assess CEHL’s current technology environment and developed an effective IT strategy. The approach utilised Dog and Bone’s business capability framework to determine the health and maturity of the current ICT environment and included videoconferences, questionnaires, and on-site interviews with key stakeholders to understand the current state. The ICT Strategy was developed from this understanding together with Industry relevant research, executive workshops and an alignment with CEHL’s business strategy.

Key deliverables

· Current state and IT risk and maturity assessment report

· Detailed ICT Strategy document and three-year roadmap

· Executive management presentation


The IT Strategy project produced a roadmap for CEHL’s future ICT direction, enabling them to lead the community housing industry with secure and scalable systems that support their mission. The expected benefits from the strategic recommendations are improved ICT capability and governance, new enterprise systems, streamlined processes, and enhanced collaboration with industry partners.

Key benefits of our recommendations

· Improvement of ICT capability to support their strategic goals

· A procurement pathway to replace outdated systems

· Establishment of an executive steering committee for effective governance

· Enhanced collaboration with industry partners

· Accurate data insights for regulatory compliance and informed decision making


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