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A 50% saving on telco spend for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan

Project type: ICT Health Check and CIO as a Service

Since their foundation in 1857, The Sisters of the Good Samaritan have responded to the call of the most vulnerable, especially disadvantaged women and children, offering refuge, education and hope. The Sisters of the Good Samaritan today work with their colleagues and partners in ministry across Australia and in Japan, the Philippines and Kiribati.


The Sisters of the Good Samaritan were looking to identify improvement opportunities, mitigate potential risks, and to assess their current IT service provider. Additionally, following an IT health check the Sisters required support in the transition to a new operating platform.

Strategies Implemented

  • Collaboratively undertook an assessment of SGS’s technology environment through an ICT health check

  • Critically assessed and supported renegotiation with incumbent service provider

  • Proposed and agreed approach with Leadership team and executives

  • Identified savings and implemented mobile phone fleet review

  • Supported and advised on risk remediation , ICT Roadmap and implementation


  • Delivered implementation roadmap, prioritising risk mitigation, business system consolidation and cost reduction

  • Support with implemented contemporary cloud based, cost effective operating model

  • Achieved a 50% saving over 2 years through mobile fleet review

  • Provided Project, Security, Training and Change Management advice to SGS Executive

SGS’ objective was to stabilise their ICT environment and set it up for the future, identify opportunities, reduce risk, and get the most out of their current partnership with their service provider.

“Dog & Bone’s strategic guidance and expertise was key to SGS aligning IT with our strategic priorities and assisting us to achieve our goals.”

- Natalie Acton, Director of Operations, Sisters of the Good Samaritan


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