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Telco Expense Management

Address high telco costs, asset management issues, financial reporting or securing organisational resources

Well managed telco services keep costs low and improve efficiency.

Telecommunications Expense Management – usually shortened to telco/telecom management or TEM – is the process of auditing, analysing, reporting on and managing an organization's telecommunications services, to help control costs and improve efficiency.

Reviewing bills, resolving issues and proactively identifying savings through management or removal of services is requires an eye for detail and comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge of ever-changing telco offerings.


Expense Auditing & Reporting

We can support you with ongoing auditing, cost savings analysis, and usage monitoring of your telecommunications bills. 


Our Monthly Macro Audit reporting provides you with a summary of key health information and recommendations to improve the running costs of your telco services.

Our cost centre reporting and management provides a deep understanding of departmental cost and usage, encouraging departmental financial accountability across the business.

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Proactive Issue Resolution

We pro-actively action identified opportunities that have a clear ROI, such as the cancellation of No Usage Services and the removal of unused roaming and data packs.

Billing errors identified through Rates Verification are pro-actively pursued and resolved by our team on your behalf. 

We can also help you with Billing Resolution Management and Cost Savings Implementation to provide proactive support and action items identified through your monthly Macro report.

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Auditing Unneeded Services

You’d be surprised how many organisations are losing money on services that aren't being used. It's understandable when you have hundreds or thousands of devices.


We can help you clean up your fleet and ensure you don't have any unknown and unused devices that you're being charged for.


Rates Verification

Being on the wrong rates is one of the most common reasons for our clients being significantly overcharged.

We’ll make sure you’re on the correct rates and get your money back if you’re not.

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Tim Anderson, Senior Consultant
Lee Lim, IT Strategy Consultant
Mrinal Mohan, Senior Analyst

Vendor Management

As an experienced independent partner, we help with the ongoing management of vendors using proven frameworks that lead to positive relationships, increased accountability, speedier issue resolution, and services integration.

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Jesse Pentecost, Senior Analyst
Lee Lim, IT Strategy Consultant

Your on-call support

Our Telecommunications Service Desk supplements your teams in delivering day to day operational requirements that align to organisational strategic priorities.


Ensuring adherence to internal cost management, stakeholder reporting, workflow and vendor accountability frameworks.

We’re for organisations that improve the world

We specialise in not-for-profit, social enterprise and government

We are purposeful about who we work with.
Enabling our clients allows us to create exponential impact.

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We'd love to chat with you on how we can help you with telecommunications strategy, procurement and management.

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