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Mobile Device Management

Address high telco costs, asset management issues, financial reporting or securing organisational resources

Well managed devices can greatly improve efficiency and security.

For charities and NFPs with diverse and widely distributed workforces, the proper and centralised management of mobile devices is critical to maintaining security and efficiency, as well as reducing administrive overhead.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the process of managing devices throughout their entire lifecycle, from procurement and deployment through to maintenence, retirement and upgrades.


Mobile Device Management

Whether its reduced telco spend, solving asset management issues, financial reporting or securing organisational resources, mobile device management (MDM) can answer many of the problems organisations face with their telco.

We help our clients find the right MDM platform for them and manage it ongoing.

  • Manage devices through a central platform

  • Secure devices 

  • Remotely deploy apps

  • Enforce policies, compliance and restrictions

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Mobile Data Usage Management

Many organisations have experienced bill shock, where their mobile costs have had a significant and unexpected spike. We can help protect against this!


Proactive management of mobile data usage removes the risk of excess data charges and consequently inflated bill spend.


Fleet and Asset Management 

Managing the lifecycle of these assets supports you to identify triggers that help you determine the need for procurement and/or replacement of assets and services.


Our team supports you to effectively control spend and identify evolving physical and infrastructure technology requirements.

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