Combining leading subject expertise with technology, we deliver quantifiable value to our clients, whether that’s cutting your expenses, helping you choose ICT vendors or establishing your technology and communications strategy. 

What is TPAMS2025?

TPAMS stands for Telecommunications Purchasing and Management Strategy (TPAMS). TPAMS is the framework whereby the government procures telecommunications and IT services from telecommunication vendors.

The Victorian Government’s latest (TPAMS2025) contract has been released and is designed to deliver better value to eligible not-for-profits and government organisations and optimise the latest technology for mobility, data, voice, internet and unified communication services.

TPAMS2025 is vastly more flexible than the previous arrangement, allowing access not only to cost savings, but also a host of new technologies. Thus, it provides an opportunity for eligible not-for-profits and government organisations to reduce costs and set the framework for future ICT readiness.

Dog and Bone is in a unique position to help organisations best leverage the new TPAMS2025 contract and the new technologies available realising significant savings and maximising value.

We have...

·         Access to full comprehensive pricing

·         Cutting edge analytical software

·         Expertise

·         A proven track record

We are excited about the possibilities of TPAMS2025; call us to help transition your organisation to the new TPAMS2025 agreement with little disruption… and maximise the benefits.

Dog and Bone offers a suite of services that allow you to achieve the ideal ICT solution for your organisation. Whilst any of these services are available separately, they can also be combined to form a comprehensive end-to-end solution:


We determine precisely what your requirements are, then work with you to formulate a tailored roadmap for achieving them.

  • ICT Strategy

  • Voice and Unified Communications Strategy

  • Auditing and Benchmarking

  • Business Requirements Development

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    From detailed reporting to project completion and even beyond, Dog and Bone is with you every step of the way.

  • Project Management

  • Rates Verification

  • Office Relocations

  • VoIP Transitioning

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    Dog and Bone goes to market on your behalf. Our experience and expertise guarantees you get the best products and pricing.

  • Telecommunications Tendering

  • WAN Tendering

  • Benchmarking

  • RFP Preparation

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    Dog and Bone provides ongoing support, ensuring your ICT systems are optimal, at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house alternative.

  • Telco Management as a Service (TMaaS)

  • CIO as a Service (CIOaaS)

  • SMS Reporting

  • Macro Auditing

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  • Telecommunications can be a tricky area, and having expertise you can trust is invaluable. Employing Dog and Bone resulted in a ROI of 546%!
    We would not hesitate to recommend Dog and Bone to other organisations.
    — Anglicare Victoria

    "As a result of Dog and Bone's Data Review on behalf of MCM, we now have a data network in place that is fit for purpose, scalable, delivered to us at a great price point and via a vendor who will be a long term strategic partner.

    The Telecommunications Review (fixed, mobile & mobile data) produced dramatic ongoing cost reductions, and drastically reduced administrative overheads through rationalisation of infrastructure and consolidation of accounts.


    - Louise Segafredo, Melbourne Citymission


    To truly achieve success you need to understand people; who they are and what they stand for. Dog and Bone is so effective because we work with our clients. We’re on your team. So we think in choosing a partner to work with, it’s only fair you know about us, as people, as a company. 

    We here think that Dog and Bone is a pretty tremendous place to work, and not just because we get our birthday off or because there are faceless men in dark suits standing behind our chairs ordering us to say that. Our workplace reflects our core values; to be independent; to have fun; and to put our hearts and sweat into our services.

    “Things I love about Dog and Bone: Excel adventures, Thursday Harvest, table tennis, team-building, challenging encounters with carriers, and a desire to be different, to stand for something meaningful, and to be welcoming of change.”
    — Angus

    Within our lovely Northcote offices, you'll find the standard trimmings for any self-respecting tech consultancy: Coffee machine – check; standing desks – check; moat stocked with live piranhas – pending. Creative lighting solutions – most definitely. There’s a fish tank whose residents we try valiantly to keep alive, and a table tennis competition so fierce careers are defined by it.

    The last few years have seen Dog and Bone sustain near-constant expansion. Since 2007 we have more than quadrupled in size. Fortunately, we’ve never lost sight of the core principles that define and shape our workplace.

    Our very strong focus on old-fashioned customer service, for example, comes naturally from the robust respect we have for each other, and a organisation-wide commitment to the improvement of ourselves and our services.



    Dan McKinley is a passionate people person, an entrepreneur who leads with an irreverent style.

    His vision is for technology to be an enabler; to enable organisations to build a better world.

    Dan’s leadership has ensured that Dog and Bone is independent, always. His mission is to support organisations to make their own decisions from a position of knowledge and understanding.

    Dan is firmly committed to a better world, which is reflected in Dog and Bone’s strong ties to the not-for-profit sector. He believes that these organisations above all others deserve a fair go. 

    He is also widely travelled, and has recently toured to Cape York with his wife and two young boys. He remains a passionate country boy at heart. 

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