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Technology enables small charity to improve efficiency and streamline processes.

St Kilda Mums is a household name that works alongside Maternal Child Health nurses and social workers to help struggling families in need and were one of the recipients of Dog and Bone’s Impact Grants program. The program gives small NFPs an opportunity to access consulting services pro bono, allowing them to focus on their core mission and further support the community.

This organisation has grown significantly in their 13 years of operation and their IT platforms, processes and needs have evolved with this growth. Dog and Bone was engaged to assess their use of technology, check it is fit-for-purpose and develop a technology strategy that will enable them to grow in-line with their organisation strategy.

"With a lack of time, resources and knowledge, we sought an experienced and independent organisation to help us align our IT strategy with our wider organisational goals”. - Katherine Hinton, Head of Corporate Services & People, St Kilda Mums

About St Kilda Mums St Kilda Mums (incorporating Geelong Mums and Eureka Mums) collect, sort and redistribute preloved essential nursery goods, clothing, books and toys for babies to school-aged children. Last financial year they supported more than 19,000 babies and children across Victoria.

The context The client faced challenges with their existing technology environment, including incompatible systems and manual processes. These challenges necessitated a comprehensive review of their IT to optimize systems, streamline processes and improve overall ICT capability. Their goal The aim of the IT Strategy project was to develop a clear vision for the future direction of St Kilda Mums ICT systems and a plan for how to implement this on a low budget. They aimed to enhance their IT capability by consolidating or improving existing systems and processes.

Our approach Dog and Bone developed a thorough and independent approach to assess St Kilda Mums current technology environment and develop a technology strategy guiding future decision-making. This approach included several interviews with key stakeholders, a tour of St Kilda Mum’s warehouse, a review of existing systems and regular meetings to understand requirements and discuss findings. Key deliverables

  • Project Management Plan and regular project meetings

  • Staff survey and analysis of results

  • Review of system documentation, contracts and system use

  • Interviews with key stakeholders and management to understand requirements

  • Interviews with external stakeholders and vendors

  • Current state assessment of technology usage

  • IT Capability Maturity Assessment

  • Proposed future system plan

  • Technology plan and implementation roadmap

Our approach The IT Strategy project resulted in a roadmap for St Kilda Mums future ICT direction, with a focus on consolidation of systems, improving governance, reduction of security risks and improving use of current systems. The strategic recommendations are expected to benefit the staff, management, volunteers and customers of St Kilda Mums by improving efficiencies, reducing risk and improving customer experience of online platforms. Key deliverables

  • Improved ICT capability and use of systems

  • Enhanced information management and data security

  • Leverage opportunities for automation and improved efficiencies

  • Establishment of an IT steering committee for effective governance

  • Leverage data for impact tracking and insights

“The whole experience was fantastic and so valuable! As an Impact Grant recipient, we never felt we were treated any differently than a paying customer”.

-Katherine Hilton


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