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Anglicare Victoria sees immediate and long-term benefits of Telco Management

Community Services organisation Anglicare Victoria has seen seven years of savings and benefits through management of their telco services under a Telco Management which includes, but not limited to; expense management, device procurement, mobile fleet enrolment and broader fixed and mobile voice and data management.

The client

Anglicare Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that works with children, young people and families and run a multitude of programs to prevent harm, support and empower people to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

Anglicare Victoria partner with local communities, the private and public sectors and donors to deliver better results. They are the state’s leading provider of out-of-home care services (foster care) for children and young people. Also working in education, family support, financial counselling, emergency relief, and alcohol and other drugs services for families and parents. Anglicare Victoria operates out of 93 locations across the state, with more than 2,000 staff.

The context

With a highly mobile workforce, thousands of devices, many locations spread across Victoria, and constantly shifting usage and volumes, AV struggled to stay on top of their telco services. Seven years ago, Dog and Bone began managing their telecommunications costs, usage and optimised plans based on their varying consumption levels.

Due to our large mobile workforce, we ran the risk of telco billing errors being out of sight, out of mind. Dean Mills, Head of Technology, Anglicare Victoria

Their goal

Not only did Anglicare Victoria want to reduce the total cost of ownership associated with telecommunications devices and service, they wanted clear visibility on usage and have plans in alignment to consumption. They wanted complete transparency of costs, reduction in administrative overhead and a strong return on investment associated with the Telco Management service from Dog and Bone. Furthermore, their focus was to direct more resources towards their impactful work across Victorian communities.

Our approach

To gain a clear understanding of where opportunities for improvement lie, we work closely with the Anglicare Victoria team to conduct a deep and thorough analysis and set recommendations based on their telco ecosystem. From this foundation, we commence monthly monitoring and proactive management of usage profiles, excess charges, no usage services and billing errors through the carrier.

Key deliverables

Anglicare Victoria receive the full Telco Management service suite, including:

  • Expense Reporting and Auditing​ – Regular and ongoing analysis of all bills and service usage, summarising key information and providing recommendations for ongoing savings

  • Cost Centre Reporting and Management​ – Facilitating the correct distribution of telco costs across business units, ensuring accurate expense tracking

  • Cost Savings Implementation – Actioning savings recommendations and pursuing billing error resolution and credits with vendors

  • Optimisation of mobile plans - Maximise mobile contract value through bill analysis of existing accounts, identifying plan and services changes that could lead to cost reduction and avoiding excess data charges

  • Device and service procurement and management – Appropriate and timely provision of mobile hardware, mobile device enrolment and management (MDM)

  • Assistance with the implementation of Mobile Device Management (MDM) across the organisation, via targeted training, change management, and ongoing end-user support throughout the engagement


Demonstrable cost avoidance through ensuring that Anglicare Victoria have the right people on the right plans, and the right number of services. At the macro level, engagement with their vendor around billing including errors and credits led to significant monthly savings.

Key benefits

  • Over $430,000 in savings identified and delivered over the last 24 months

  • The implementation of MDM across the organisation resulted in increased security hardening of mobile devices accessing company resources

  • Consistent positive results averaging close to 30%, with regular occurrences exceeding 70% return on investment for Telco Management

  • Despite 13% growth in the size of the mobile fleet during the last contract period, telco spend actually decreased by 32.5%, influenced by a combination of proactive expense monitoring and optimisation of mobile plans

  • Proactive monitoring of data usage throughout the pandemic ensured the organisation could confidently allow staff to work from home – and then back in the office – without incurring high Excess Data Charges and maintaining as small a data pool as possible.

  • Lifecycle management of android mobile devices allows effective management of inventory through model retirement and introduction ensuring sufficient supply.

Anglicare Victoria recently renewed their Telco Management contract for an additional three years, showing their continued trust in a long-term partnership with Dog and Bone.


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