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Feeding hungry kids so they can grow, learn and succeed

Our team were thrilled to work with one of our Impact Grant recipients, EatUp, to help them navigate the complexities of transforming their organisation from manual processes to an integrated CRM system. Through our expertise in choosing and implementing systems for charities, we were able to help streamline their operations and improve efficiencies, allowing them to focus on what they do best – feeding hungry kids!

About EatUp

Started in 2013 from the founder’s home in Shepparton, Victoria, this innovative non-profit is the only organisation to provide free lunches for students on a national scale. Volunteers from corporate organisations and donations from a supplier network have helped EatUp grow from 20 regional schools in Victoria in 2014 to over 600 schools across NSW, NT, QLD, VIC, and WA.


There were challenges with the existing technology environment, mostly due to a host of separate spreadsheets and subscription services and this was limiting their growth potential. They did some research to find a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that met their needs and a system integrator who would implement the solution.

Goals and objectives

Faced with the complexity of an implementation project and some nervousness that they would get the solution they desired for a price they could afford. As a very small organisation EatUp also had to keep the deliveries rolling while they looked to completely change how they operate. So, they turned to Dog and Bone for some guidance and advice.

Our approach

Before the first workshop with the systems integrator, Dog and Bone’s senior consultant, Mark met with EatUp’s CEO and her leadership team and provided some advice on the best way to prepare for the project. The team then embarked on defining and documenting their requirements and use cases under the review and guidance of the consultant.

Our consultant attended the discovery workshops with the systems integrator and EatUp’s leadership team and provided input and feedback to help clarify some key aspects of the solution, in particular:

  • The scope of the project and a phased implementation approach

  • The features of the solution and the priority of these

  • Integrating the solution with existing services or the replacement of these services

  • The migration of the clients existing data into the solution

  • Conducting user acceptance testing

  • Change management

Additionally, our consultant provided ongoing 1:1 advice with EatUp’s CEO as the project neared completion of Phase 1.


Phase 1 of the CRM project was successfully implemented with all existing client and product data migrated, the web site updated, and the CRM system integrated with the financial system.

Phase 2 of the project was also underway with the same systems integrator, with a clear scope and further high hopes of success.

Key benefits
  • Provided clarity on requirements and use cases that set up the project for success

  • Ensured the project scope was well defined and understood

  • Provided experienced guidance to help all stakeholders

  • The project successfully delivered the desired results


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