Using telco management to give Anglicare Victoria more time and money to support the community

Service: Telco Management

Anglicare Victoria (AV), works with children, young people and families. From crisis response, to providing longer-term support and care Anglicare Victoria supports tens of thousands of Victorians every year, their 1700+ staff and volunteers operate from more than 45 sites across the state, as well as delivering assistance online, at home and in the community.


Telco bills often are difficult to understand, contain errors and require significant overhead across the multitude of different services in validation their accuracy and the accompanying services. AV consciously chose to focus their IT resources on core business and client outcomes. As a result, their Head of Technology sought expertise from the market to perform this on their behalf. This service is Telephony Management as a Service and Dog and Bone were engaged.

Key services

  • Provide AV with Telco Expense Management including monthly macro audit reports which give an overview of all telephony expenses and cost saving recommendations

  • The right sizing of plans based on voice and data consumption levels

  • Utilised our Level 1 PMO resources, to devise and manage a transition plan for services on copper infrastructure to appropriate solutions

  • Manage ongoing relationship with vendor

  • Cost Centre Reporting across whole organisation for charge back purposes

  • Bi-annual Mobile optimisation which delivers significant cost reduction opportunities

  • Provide Mobile Data Usage Management

  • Asset management

  • Manage all moves, additions and changes to services

  • Management of the procurement process for mobile handsets

  • Provide resolution management of technical faults through our help desk


  • Best Practice TEM (Telco Expense Management)

  • Efficient mobile procurement process

  • Lower spend per mobile user compared to other NFP’s that manage telco expenses inhouse

  • Cost reduction: of almost $260,000 over the last 12 months

  • Increased efficiencies through time savings

  • Reduced risk of bill shock through MDUM (especially in the initial months of the pandemic which saw extreme fluctuations across the sector in data usage due to sudden shift to remote work)

  • Efficiencies and improved service levels enabled by prompt issue resolution

Anglicare Victoria now have their TEM (Telco Expense Management) outsourced so they can put their time into delivering their services rather than chasing telcos. They also have their partnerships with their vendor managed.

“Outsourcing our telco management allows us to put the time and money saved through Dog and Bone back into delivering important services to the community we serve.”

- Dean Mills, Head of Technology for Anglicare Victoria