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Reproductive health provider finds more time through better information management

We helped the staff and volunteers of Children by Choice find more time in their day to provide essential reproductive health services, through the design and implementation of a fit-for-purpose information management solution.

The client

Children by Choice is a not-for-profit organisation operating across Queensland, committed to providing evidence-based information on all pregnancy options - abortion, adoption, alternative or kinship care and parenting. Their vision is for people to be able to freely and safely make their own reproductive and sexual health choices without barriers.

The context

Their information management systems had evolved haphazardly over time, due to a lack of resources to set things up properly. Staff and volunteers spent significant time attempting to locate or manage key resources, leaving less time to deliver their critical services.

We're all just so busy, and we never have time for anything. But we were losing efficiency because we weren’t doing things as well as we could. – Sarah Rogers, Finance and Operations Coordinator

Their goal

Well organised, streamlined and accessible information to drive efficiency and collaboration. Every minute of employee and volunteer time is valuable, so efficiency was key to fitting more into every day to serve their clients better.

Our approach

Through workshops, interviews and analysis of their current systems, we gathered their information management requirements. We then developed a comprehensive information architecture and provided an overview of the holistic solution.

To help ensure the success of the implementation, we collaborated closely with their team to plan the details and timing.

James empowered our team to manage our own infrastructure internally. – Sarah Rogers, Finance and Operations Coordinator

After endorsement of the solution, we designed, built and tested the new Information Management environment, assisting with change management activities and file migration.

Key deliverables

Project kick off, discovery and information gathering

  • Project Management Plan and project kick off meeting

  • Information requirements workshop via Teams

Current state assessment and review of current documents

  • Current usage workshop via Teams

  • File audit including recommendations document

Solution design, permission scoping and migration planning

  • Information architecture workshop via Teams

  • Development of high-level site map and permissions document

Implementation planning, content plan, pilot and communications

  • Implementation schedule

  • Creation of SharePoint environment including security groups

  • Content planning workshop via Teams

Implementation and migration, training and change management

  • Supported change management activities

  • SharePoint training to all staff via Teams

  • Assistance with migration of documents to SharePoint

Post Implementation Support


Through the delivery of the project, the overarching benefit was time. By organising their content and helping them to fully utilise the capabilities of Sharepoint and the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, we gave them more time to focus on advancing reproductive autonomy and access to compassionate abortion.

The difference between what we had before and what we have now is incredible. The whole project was a lot more successful having a consultant. – Christy Fischer, Education and Community Engagement Team Leader

Key benefits

  • Simplified access to company data through the further utilisation of Microsoft 365

  • Future-proofed design incorporating latest functionality and robust Information Architecture

  • Document usage guide encompassing key features and tips

  • High-level design documentation incorporating full file permissions for ongoing management and maintenance

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