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Impact Grants for Technology Projects

Pro bono projects to help small Not for Profits make the most of their technology.

  • For NFPs with 50 staff or less.

  • Apply for projects worth up to $20k.

  • $40K of projects available each quarter.

  • Get help practical or strategic support with your organisation's technology. 

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Over the past 18 years working within the Not for Profit community we’ve come across many smaller NFPs that are doing awesome work in the community but can’t afford professional services that would help them have an even greater impact.


This is why we’re now making $120k worth of grants available, annually, to smaller NFPs (under 50 staff) that need support with their technology but can’t afford it.

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Daniel McKinley, CEO

"Our best contribution is through the technology support we provide to organisations improving the world. Our grants support small Not for Profits that are having a big impact on the community."





Who can apply for a grant?

We want to support the impact smaller NFPs can have on the community by providing them with the strategic and technical support they need to more efficiently and effectively serve their community. We’re making $120k worth of grants available yearly with $40k worth of grants being released each quarter. Grants will be awarded between $5k-$20k depending on your requirements and eligibility.

If you’re a Not for Profit with under 50 staff, working to create a better world, you could be eligible for one of our grants.


By applying for a grant you agree that if you’re selected as a recipient, you’ll be contacted by the Dog and Bone team to evaluate your requirements and ensure the project meets your needs.

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Evaluation criteria:

  • Your status

  • Your organisation size

  • What impact your organisation has

  • Your impact category

  • What your requirements are

  • The impact our support could have

What support do our grants give you access to?

Through our grants program you’ll be able to choose from a range of services and projects to help you with your technology. Our support ranges from help with your technology strategy and navigating the challenges and opportunities of a hybrid workplace to to technology procurement.

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Our capabilities


  • Strategy health check​

  • Current state analysis​

  • Future state requirements

  • Technology strategy & roadmap

  • Governance framework

  • Information Management advice

  • Vendor fit analysis

  • ICT steering committee support

  • Executive/board reporting

  • Program oversight


  • Service benchmarking​

  • Auditing analysis​

  • Contract negotiation

  • Vendor assessment & selection​

  • Contract implementation & verification

  • IT Managed Service Provider selection

  • Network design & procurement

  • Mobile Procurement

  • Telephony & Unified Communications system design & selection


  • Telco expense management (TEM)

  • Ongoing strategic technology advice

  • CIO as a service

  • Vendor, procurement & contract  Management

  • Mobile fleet & asset management 

  • Mobile data management & plan optimisation

  • Billing resolution management

  • Helpdesk support

Apply Here

Each quarter we will select NFPs with 50 or less staff to receive up to $20k worth of technology projects. There will be $40k worth of grants released quarterly.

What do you need help with?

Thanks for submitting!


Some of the projects available

  • Help developing an IT Roadmap.

  • A clear view of the current state of your IT health

  • Benchmark analysis of your IT MSP

  • Support with your information management.

  • Support with your Unified Communications from how to make the most of your UC platform to help finding the right UC platform for you.

  • An IT health check to assess your IT infrastructure.

  • Help finding the right IT support or management.

  • Help understanding whether your mobile strategy is right for your organisation.

  • Managing your mobile expenses and optimising your contracts.

  • Support finding the right telco or network provider.

  • Help developing a mobile strategy from device procurement strategy to mobile management recommendations.

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Jesse Pentecost, Senior Analyst
Lee Lim, IT Strategy Consultant

Lean Tech Environment Assessment

You might be looking to get full visibility of your tech environment before defining a new strategy.

We’ll assess the current state of your systems, capabilities and risks and work out what you can to do right now, where you can improve and identify high priorities in the next three months.

  • Benchmarking tools

  • Maturity and risk frameworks

  • Map providers and technology to goals

  • Delivered in a comprehensive report