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CIO support for organisations that improve the world



If you need the support of a CIO but not on a full time basis we can help you.

Often organisations see a disconnect between strategy and how a service is actually delivered.

CIOaaS support your Board, executive team and IT team implement and govern your technology strategy.


From vendor management to sitting on your ICT steering committee or executive/board reporting to program oversight we can provide a fresh and experienced perspective. 

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Strategic Leadership

Change, Transition & Improvment

Operational Service Delivery

CIOaaS is designed to complement your IT and management team, providing experience, technical expertise and the strategic capability of an inhouse CIO without the overhead of a fulltime resource.

We provide independent, “On-Demand” IT executive insights, client focussed thought leadership, and contemporary technical advice ensures fit for purpose solutions deliver positive business outcomes.         

Effective definition and efficient delivery of agreed innovations. We can help you plan out roadmaps and solutions that leverage technology, enable business strategies and empower people to achieve. Focussed on client engagement and stakeholder sensitivities, our experience and commitment to communication and delivery ensures successful results.    

Leveraging scalable corporate disciplines to drive productivity and quality services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our on-demand capability can flex and respond to evolving business demands without the expensive overheads.

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Our clients

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Strategic IT Leadership and Innovation 

Most organisations rely on their technology to deliver their objectives but many don’t need a full time executive dedicated to governing and implementing their technology strategy. We provide you with access to contemporary executive advice as required, deliver focussed and independent insights and experience to the leadership team effectively and efficiently without  the cost of a full time resource. 

CIOaaS can support you with your IT Strategies, Thought Leadership, Investment Roadmaps, Business Solutions, In/Outsourcing Options and IT Appointments/Placements. Expert leadership and advice, tailored and timed to unique needs.

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Change, Transition and Improvement

Aligns your telecommunication’s strategies and operations with the broader IT and organisational strategy.

Communications is a critical component of any organisation’s IT environment; being also a significant enabler of client service delivery. Cross functional buy-in and maximisation of IT investment requires governance, policy, risk and compliance disciplines and frameworks to get the best outcomes.


Operational Service Delivery

A clear Information Management Strategy can help you control how you store information, who can see it and protect sensitive data, empowering your team to to easily retrieve and save information whilst keeping your organisation secure. 

Our Information Management strategy includes:

  • System selection and architecture

  • Implementation and migration process

  • Transition resourcing and timelines

  • Change management, adoption and support


Enabling a
Hybrid Workplace 

The reality for most workplaces is now a hybrid of office and remote working. It's important to maintain connection, collaboration and the quality of your services.

Many organisations find themselves using different technologies and platforms to communicate and collaborate. With the technologies available now you can move everything from your phone system, instant messaging and document collaboration into one platform so it's more efficient and easier to use.


Strategic Planning

We provide support across a range of strategic projects that typically fall into three areas:

  1. An assessment of an organisations IT health or assisting in preparing for rapid change (i.e. COVID impact on hybrid working).

  2. A strategy focusing on key capabilities that have broad impact; like selecting a primary application such as a case management or finance system.

  3. Detailed assessment of all key ISO standards across organisational strategic pillars.

The difference in our approach is our focus on people, engaging with staff and understanding customers to ensure recommendations meet their needs.
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CIO as a Service

Strategic Oversight

Melbourne City Mission exist so that people can lead positive lives, to create their best future, their way.

We support them ongoing with our telco management service. Our proactive management throughout COVID has meant that clients have enjoyed the services they need whilst still identifying substantial savings to mobile costs.