At Dog and Bone, we believe strong negotiation and market/sector expertise are only part of delivering successful outcomes to our clients. Our methodology is heavily underpinned by a collaborative approach that fosters a strong familiarity with your current environment, goals and strategic vision.

Dog and Bone took our requirements to the market place, forcing providers to openly compete for our business, achieving significant savings, and profound improvements to our ICT capacities.
— Welsey Mission Victoria

With this thinking, our RFP/Tender Management service achieves significant commercial outcomes, while also being alert to opportunities to drive further innovation and business improvement within your organisation.

Not providing any of the services we tender on ensures an independent process that is fully managed to mitigate risk, meet internal due diligence, while heavily reducing the demand on in-house resources.

Our regular key stakeholder engagement/reporting and project transparency also provides confidence that Dog and Bone always has your organisation’s key interests uppermost in mind. We're part of your team.


  • Achieves strong commercial outcomes: Leveraging off our sizeable portfolio and regular tendering will ensure strong commercial outcomes.

  • Drives innovation: Our processes will explore the latest market technologies, peer sector trends and their fit to your organisation.

  • Independent process: Dog and Bone does not provide any of the services that we tender, ensuring our independence throughout.

  • Alleviates resource: Our service is fully managed, ensuring due diligence and adherence to governance frameworks.

  • Gain insights: Our detailed analysis provides strong visibility of your environment, affording you valuable insights into your own services and infrastructure.

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Telecommunications can be a tricky area, and having expertise you can trust is invaluable. Employing Dog and Bone resulted in a ROI of 546%!
— Anglicare Victoria