Dog and Bone’s TMaaS offering is strongly underpinned by a Best Practice framework derived from 14 years of successful engagement and specialised experience. Our framework is essential for the effective and accountable ongoing management of any organisation’s accounts and infrastructure.

Dog and Bone’s TMaaS service has driven significant cost savings and efficiencies for Save the Children Australia... The result is a service that has paid for itself and we would not hesitate to recommend Dog and Bone’s TMaaS offering.
— Save The Children Australia


Dog and Bone's TMaaS packages include:


Core services start with our Macro Audit, which is standard in all TMaaS agreements. Other services can be added to the agreement to create a solution tailored to your needs. Core Services make up your monthly fixed fee, lasting for the full term of the TMaaS contract. Core Services highlighted below are included in all TMaaS Agreements:

  • Macro Auditing: Bill verification and monthly report on your telecommunications accounts. This involves monthly audits of all fixed line, mobile & mobile broadband services. Audit includes Billing Issues, No Usage Services, Top 10 Call Spenders, Mobile Account Trending and Account Level Mobile Data Usage. Rates Verifications will be conducted as required, with a detailed bi-annual account verification conducted to detect billing errors.

  • Onsite Consulting: A Dog and Bone consultant will be on site monthly to provide resource such as discuss reported Macro Audit items and resolution strategies.

  • SMS Bill Reporting: A monthly SMS broadcast to your mobile fleet advising on service usage and spend (our clients see approx. 10% decrease in spend / data usage as a result of this service).

  • Spend Trend Analysis: Enhancing the Macro Audit with graphical spend trending and concise analysis on items impacting your accounts.

  • Pro-Active Mobile Data Management: This ensures that you are protected against excess mobile data charges by pro-actively managing the data usage of your fleet through live monitoring & service upgrades.

  • Savings Evaluation Report: A monthly report evaluating the commercial return of newly implemented Telco contracts. This will compare your monthly spend as per our recent Review with the actual spend post Review.

  • Exec/CIO Report: A quarterly report including concise account analysis and reporting on savings achieved, supported by graphs highlighting quarterly usage trending.

    In addition to our Core Services, all services listed below are accessible via pre-paid service pack hours (25, 50 & 100 hour packs are available). This model makes available a wide range of services in a commercially flexible arrangement. We accurately record use of service pack hours to allow for complete transparency of costs.

    Service Pack Services highlighted below are standard in all TMaaS agreements:
  • On-Call Support: Dedicated consultants will be on-call to provide professional advice on your day-to-day enquiries, including:
    1. Helpdesk Support.
    2. Resolution Management.
    3. Equipment Research & Advice.

  • Cost Savings Management: We will follow up to resolve items flagged in the Macro Audit as agreed by you, such as the cancellation of No Usage services or the pursuance of credits for billing errors.

  • Service Procurement Management: Our dedicated consultants will manage the provisioning of new services, ensuring the appropriate plan has been provisioned in line with anticipated usage and data requirements.

  • Asset Management: Recording MACs made to your accounts and inputting relevant service information in a Fixed Line and/or Mobile Asset Register, ensuring your assets are effectively managed.

  • Cost Centre Management: Recording MACs and providing a monthly cost centre report based on your exact internal requirements, utilising existing vendor online platforms to efficiently generate accurate reporting.

  • Onsite Training: In-house training for individual staff in any area of telecommunications management, enhancing the skills of internal resource (e.g. training in online billing platforms, creating cost centers, etc.).

  • Project Management: Access to highly experienced project management consultants for assistance in areas such as site setups and/or relocations, NBN migrations, ADSL provisioning, etc.