Dog and Bone believes technology and market/sector expertise are only part of delivering successful outcomes to our clients. Our methodology is underpinned by organisation development principles and a collaborative approach that fosters a comprehensive understanding of your current environment, goals and strategic vision.

With this thinking, our ICT strategic consulting service builds a deep alignment of technology strategy with your organisation's goals and plans, identifying opportunities to drive innovation and business improvement in your organisation, and ensuring that your technology roadmap is practical and deliverable.

Our consultation processes harness your people's knowledge and insight, sharpen focus on delivery of your organisation's goals and strategies, and also build buy-in for change and transformation. We're part of your team.

Our experienced consultants have extensive ICT and business management knowledge utilising diverse IT solutions across multiple industry sectors. We have the freedom to objectively work with you and your team, to review your current environment, and based on agreed strategies recommend process improvements, cost effective solutions, and services that meet your needs.

These solutions are designed to mitigate risk, meet your internal and external due diligence requirements, and wherever possible reduce the demand on scarce in-house resources.


  • Business aligned technology transformation: Our processes ensure your technology plans are aligned with your organisation's strategies – that technology supports your people and enables processes to deliver on your mission and goals.

  • Industry Expertise: We gain a deep understanding of [/understand] your organisation's strategies and operations, and combine this with our technology expertise to identify the initiatives that deliver the greatest value.

  • Drives innovation: Our processes explore the latest market technologies, peer sector trends and their fit and value to your organisation. We understand enablers and barriers to successful change, and develop practical plans to realise the greatest benefit from your technology investments and initiatives.

  • Independent thinking: Dog and Bone does not provide any of the technologies or services that we consult on, ensuring our independence throughout. Our work is driven by your organisation's best interest.

  • Gain insights: Our detailed analysis provides strong visibility of your current environment, affording you valuable insights into your own services and systems.

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