Dog and Bone believes technology and market/sector expertise are only part of delivering successful outcomes to our clients. Our methodology is underpinned by organisation development principles and a collaborative approach that fosters a comprehensive understanding of your current environment, goals and strategic vision.

With this thinking, our ICT strategic consulting service builds a deep alignment of technology strategy with your organisation's goals and plans, identifying opportunities to drive innovation and business improvement in your organisation, and ensuring that your technology roadmap is practical and deliverable.

Our consultation processes harness your people's knowledge and insight, sharpen focus on delivery of your organisation's goals and strategies, and also build buy-in for change and transformation. We're part of your team.

Our experienced consultants have extensive ICT and business management knowledge utilising diverse IT solutions across multiple industry sectors. We have the freedom to objectively work with you and your team, to review your current environment, and based on agreed strategies recommend process improvements, cost effective solutions, and services that meet your needs.

These solutions are designed to mitigate risk, meet your internal and external due diligence requirements, and wherever possible reduce the demand on scarce in-house resources.


  • Business aligned technology transformation: Our processes ensure your technology plans are aligned with your organisation's strategies – that technology supports your people and enables processes to deliver on your mission and goals.

  • Industry Expertise: We gain a deep understanding of [/understand] your organisation's strategies and operations, and combine this with our technology expertise to identify the initiatives that deliver the greatest value.

  • Drives innovation: Our processes explore the latest market technologies, peer sector trends and their fit and value to your organisation. We understand enablers and barriers to successful change, and develop practical plans to realise the greatest benefit from your technology investments and initiatives.

  • Independent thinking: Dog and Bone does not provide any of the technologies or services that we consult on, ensuring our independence throughout. Our work is driven by your organisation's best interest.

  • Gain insights: Our detailed analysis provides strong visibility of your current environment, affording you valuable insights into your own services and systems.

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At Dog and Bone, we believe strong negotiation and market/sector expertise are only part of delivering successful outcomes to our clients. Our methodology is heavily underpinned by a collaborative approach that fosters a strong familiarity with your current environment, goals and strategic vision.

Dog and Bone took our requirements to the market place, forcing providers to openly compete for our business, achieving significant savings, and profound improvements to our ICT capacities.
— Welsey Mission Victoria

With this thinking, our RFP/Tender Management service achieves significant commercial outcomes, while also being alert to opportunities to drive further innovation and business improvement within your organisation.

Not providing any of the services we tender on ensures an independent process that is fully managed to mitigate risk, meet internal due diligence, while heavily reducing the demand on in-house resources.

Our regular key stakeholder engagement/reporting and project transparency also provides confidence that Dog and Bone always has your organisation’s key interests uppermost in mind. We're part of your team.


  • Achieves strong commercial outcomes: Leveraging off our sizeable portfolio and regular tendering will ensure strong commercial outcomes.

  • Drives innovation: Our processes will explore the latest market technologies, peer sector trends and their fit to your organisation.

  • Independent process: Dog and Bone does not provide any of the services that we tender, ensuring our independence throughout.

  • Alleviates resource: Our service is fully managed, ensuring due diligence and adherence to governance frameworks.

  • Gain insights: Our detailed analysis provides strong visibility of your environment, affording you valuable insights into your own services and infrastructure.

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Telecommunications can be a tricky area, and having expertise you can trust is invaluable. Employing Dog and Bone resulted in a ROI of 546%!
— Anglicare Victoria
Dog and Bone negotiated $26k in credits due to overcharging, over and above the new contracts they negotiated, which had already achieved remarkable results.
— Anglicare Victoria

In line with our commitment to offering a full end-to-end service, Dog and Bone also offers post-tender and ongoing management services for the implementation of negotiated contracts and service infrastructure.

We bring a project management structure and subject matter expertise that is specially designed to mitigate potential project risks. This ensures that your services are available sooner; typically we will halve the time it would have otherwise taken.

Typically our services will deliver cost positive outcomes through reducing the substantial expenses associated with concurrent and/or superfluous services and infrastructure during and after implementation.


  • Ease of Implementation: We fully manage this process, ensuring all potential roadblocks are managed to avoid lengthy delays.

  • Reduction to in-house resources: We free your internal resource up to continue delivering on business focussed outcomes.

  • Maximising negotiated value: Quick and timely implementation will ensure the value of your contracts is maximised.

  • Access to experienced project management: Utilising a cross-section of subject matter resource will ensure all facets of the project delivery are covered.

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Dog and Bone provides professional Management Services for a large and diverse client base in both the NFP and Corporate sectors. Management services are primarily comprised of Telecommunications Management as a Service (TMaaS) and CIO as a Service (CIOaaS). Both provide ongoing support, tailored to the needs of each individual client, and based upon a Best Practice framework, which is essential for the effective and accountable ongoing management of any organisation’s accounts and infrastructure.

Dog and Bone’s Management Services were developed in response to our client’s requests for a type of assistance that ICT and Telecommunications providers proved either unable or unwilling to provide, and that was not generally found in-house.

Our clients invariably find that professionally managed telecommunications and CIO management pays for itself, through reductions in unnecessary spend, efficiency gains and alleviating internal IT staff resources.


How Does It Help You?

  • Expense Management: Our expertise allows us to monitor your billing and report back on critical items and detected errors. We will also offer active recommendations on further savings measures.

  • Procurement Management: Our specialised knowledge of pricing and plans, and understanding of how optimal accounts should perform, allows us to procure services on your behalf that maximise plan benefits and minimise wasted spend.

  • Helpdesk Support Services: Our dedicated consultants are on-call 9-5 to trouble-shoot infrastructure and network issues as they arise, or undertake research and analysis on your behalf.

  • Asset Management: We can build and maintain asset registers for your IT and telephony services. Paired with our procurement services, you can be assured that no service will go unaccounted for.

  • Project Management: Dog and Bone will provide access to highly experienced ICT project management consultants for assistance in areas such as site set-ups and/or relocations, NBN migrations, and so on.

  • Vendor Management: We are professionals advocating for you in an industry that too-often rewards unscrupulous behaviour. We act on your behalf to ensure that vendors deliver on their promises and are held accountable for their actions.

We maintain that the service pays for itself. Our loyal and growing client base is testament to the ongoing value of our services.

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Dog and Bone’s TMaaS offering is strongly underpinned by a Best Practice framework derived from 14 years of successful engagement and specialised experience. Our framework is essential for the effective and accountable ongoing management of any organisation’s accounts and infrastructure.

Dog and Bone’s TMaaS service has driven significant cost savings and efficiencies for Save the Children Australia... The result is a service that has paid for itself and we would not hesitate to recommend Dog and Bone’s TMaaS offering.
— Save The Children Australia


Dog and Bone's TMaaS packages include:


Core services start with our Macro Audit, which is standard in all TMaaS agreements. Other services can be added to the agreement to create a solution tailored to your needs. Core Services make up your monthly fixed fee, lasting for the full term of the TMaaS contract. Core Services highlighted below are included in all TMaaS Agreements:

  • Macro Auditing: Bill verification and monthly report on your telecommunications accounts. This involves monthly audits of all fixed line, mobile & mobile broadband services. Audit includes Billing Issues, No Usage Services, Top 10 Call Spenders, Mobile Account Trending and Account Level Mobile Data Usage. Rates Verifications will be conducted as required, with a detailed bi-annual account verification conducted to detect billing errors.

  • Onsite Consulting: A Dog and Bone consultant will be on site monthly to provide resource such as discuss reported Macro Audit items and resolution strategies.

  • SMS Bill Reporting: A monthly SMS broadcast to your mobile fleet advising on service usage and spend (our clients see approx. 10% decrease in spend / data usage as a result of this service).

  • Spend Trend Analysis: Enhancing the Macro Audit with graphical spend trending and concise analysis on items impacting your accounts.

  • Pro-Active Mobile Data Management: This ensures that you are protected against excess mobile data charges by pro-actively managing the data usage of your fleet through live monitoring & service upgrades.

  • Savings Evaluation Report: A monthly report evaluating the commercial return of newly implemented Telco contracts. This will compare your monthly spend as per our recent Review with the actual spend post Review.

  • Exec/CIO Report: A quarterly report including concise account analysis and reporting on savings achieved, supported by graphs highlighting quarterly usage trending.

    In addition to our Core Services, all services listed below are accessible via pre-paid service pack hours (25, 50 & 100 hour packs are available). This model makes available a wide range of services in a commercially flexible arrangement. We accurately record use of service pack hours to allow for complete transparency of costs.

    Service Pack Services highlighted below are standard in all TMaaS agreements:
  • On-Call Support: Dedicated consultants will be on-call to provide professional advice on your day-to-day enquiries, including:
    1. Helpdesk Support.
    2. Resolution Management.
    3. Equipment Research & Advice.

  • Cost Savings Management: We will follow up to resolve items flagged in the Macro Audit as agreed by you, such as the cancellation of No Usage services or the pursuance of credits for billing errors.

  • Service Procurement Management: Our dedicated consultants will manage the provisioning of new services, ensuring the appropriate plan has been provisioned in line with anticipated usage and data requirements.

  • Asset Management: Recording MACs made to your accounts and inputting relevant service information in a Fixed Line and/or Mobile Asset Register, ensuring your assets are effectively managed.

  • Cost Centre Management: Recording MACs and providing a monthly cost centre report based on your exact internal requirements, utilising existing vendor online platforms to efficiently generate accurate reporting.

  • Onsite Training: In-house training for individual staff in any area of telecommunications management, enhancing the skills of internal resource (e.g. training in online billing platforms, creating cost centers, etc.).

  • Project Management: Access to highly experienced project management consultants for assistance in areas such as site setups and/or relocations, NBN migrations, ADSL provisioning, etc.


    Dog and Bone understands the value of outsourcing your IT operations and service delivery. Too often however we note a disconnect between what your organisation needs, and the IT service actually delivered. This can have a huge impact on your ability to deliver your services and compete in your market.

    CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) is designed to sit between your management and external IT service providers, and provide effective ongoing high-level management of IT strategy execution and IT service delivery contracts. In addition, you have access to technical expertise and advice at times of change, to support your organisation in acquiring the technology it needs to deliver on its mission.


    Dog and Bone's CIOaaS is available in three (3) tiers:

    1. Ongoing Advice & Engagement

    Recommended for organisations seeking ongoing CIO-level advice to support strategy and decision-making.

    This package is ideal for those organisations wishing to access CIO-level expertise to support internal development and decision-making. Typically suited to smaller organisations with capable day-to-day IT support, this provides access to high-end industry expertise and consultation for a fraction of the cost.

    2. Collaborative Oversight

    Recommended for organisations looking to inject expertise to support Executive and internal IT resources.

    Collaborative Management provides all the core essentials to support corporate IT governance and complement, coach and mentor internal IT resources. Our additional support & monitoring provides effective strategic and service oversight, and ensures best return on technology acquisitions and investments.

    3. Full Strategic Oversight

    Recommended for organisations looking for full oversight of IT strategy and services.

    This is Dog and Bone’s comprehensive strategic oversight service, designed for those organisations that do not have internal IT expertise and resources. This product provides complete support for effective corporate IT governance, covering oversight of IT strategy, service performance, technology contracts and acquisitions, and Information Security policy and compliance framework.

    The service design is informed by the framework standard for corporate governance of information technology (AS/NZS ISO/IEC 38500:2010), covering high-level management of IT policy and IT acquisitions in addition to IT strategy and IT service delivery performance.