Dog and Bone negotiated $26k in credits due to overcharging, over and above the new contracts they negotiated, which had already achieved remarkable results.
— Anglicare Victoria

In line with our commitment to offering a full end-to-end service, Dog and Bone also offers post-tender and ongoing management services for the implementation of negotiated contracts and service infrastructure.

We bring a project management structure and subject matter expertise that is specially designed to mitigate potential project risks. This ensures that your services are available sooner; typically we will halve the time it would have otherwise taken.

Typically our services will deliver cost positive outcomes through reducing the substantial expenses associated with concurrent and/or superfluous services and infrastructure during and after implementation.


  • Ease of Implementation: We fully manage this process, ensuring all potential roadblocks are managed to avoid lengthy delays.

  • Reduction to in-house resources: We free your internal resource up to continue delivering on business focussed outcomes.

  • Maximising negotiated value: Quick and timely implementation will ensure the value of your contracts is maximised.

  • Access to experienced project management: Utilising a cross-section of subject matter resource will ensure all facets of the project delivery are covered.

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