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Dog and Bone are official suppliers of most leading mobile brands. Our goal is to provide quality phones at competitive prices, quickly. This is coupled with expert advice on the most suitable phones and plant to meet your needs.

With this in mind, please find below a short list of popular recommended handsets, arranged by:

High Level Smart Devices

Mid-Level Smart Device

Budget Smart Device

Budget Fleet Phone

These are devices that have provided great satisfaction to our clients. Please also bear in mind that this list will be altered and changed as new devices are released.

High Level Smart Devices

Samsung Galaxy S5

If you are shopping for a high-level smartphone, Dog and Bone recommends Samsung’s powerful Galaxy S5. This quad-band device is available in 16Gb and 32Gb models, and is 4G and TDD LTE capable. It features 2Mb of RAM, and a blazingly quick Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor.

The Galaxy S5 is among the most advanced smartphones in the world, although there are certainly contenders for this title. It has a quite spectacular 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen, and an excellent 16MP camera, which can record video in an amazing 2160p. It runs Android 4.4.2  (KitKat), and offers far greater flexibility than the iPhone.

A particularly popular feature of this device is that it can be used as a mobile storage device, which doesn’t sound especially astounding in this era of dirt-cheap thumb drives and online cloud storage. But in practice, this feature sees an enormous amount of use.

Be warned, however, that this is one of the largest devices in its class – any bigger and we would be obliged to call it a ‘phablet’, with due allowance made for the fact that ‘phablet’ is a pretty horrible term. For those with small hands, this can be a difficult device to operate one-handed.

Apple iPhone 6

There probably isn't a great deal to be said about the iPhone that hasn't already been said at enormous length elsewhere. It is without question the most famous phone in the world. The latest iteration - the iPhone 6 - is very much a case of more of the same, but that more happens quicker and is displayed on a larger screen, with curvier edges. The iPhone 6 is quad-band, and LTE capable. Telstra customers will be able to take advantage of the 700Mhz (4GX) for increased speed and coverage.

It has a 4.7'' display, an 8MP camera, and can record video in HD from both of its cameras (1080p on rear, 720p on front). For those willing to stray into 'phablet' territory, there's also the iPhone 6 Plus, which measures a whopping 5.5''. 

Although Apple devices are considerably less flexible than their Samsung counterparts, they make up for this in ease-of-use. From an IT department perspective, iPhones are in general easier to manage than Android devices, and with the tight control that Apple maintains over its suite of devices, they are far less prone to crippling platform fragmentation. It should be said, however, that neither phone is truly stellar when it comes to security. The Phone 6 is also somewhat more expensive, and less likely to fluctuate in price. Again, this owes to Apple's tight control.

Mid-Level Smart Device

Samsung Galaxy S4

For those interested in obtaining a mid-level smartphone, Dog and Bone recommends picking up a Samsung Galaxy S4, which are available for considerably less now that it has been superseded, twice. It features 4G, and will thus work with the new LTE network used by each of Australia's main characters. 

The Galaxy S4 is still an excellent phone, especially for the price, and boasts similar features to its successor (the Galaxy S5), and is more or less as flexible. While it is not quite as large as the Galaxy S5, it is still one of the largest devices on the market.


Budget Smart Device

Nokia Lumia 620

For a low-end smartphone, Dog and Bone recommends the Nokia’s new Lumia 620, which runs on Windows Phone 8. Despite its budget price, this is an attractive and fully-featured smartphone, boasting a full 3.8’’ touchscreen, and excellent email and browsing functionality. It comes in a range of colours, has a 5MP camera and WiFi. It is also quad-band, and will function on Telstra's Next G network.

Dog and Bone has so far received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the Lumia 620, with most users finding it very simple and intuitive to use. Like other Nokia Lumia models, IT departments tell us that they are a breeze to integrate and set up. This in part owes to the Windows Mobile platform, which integrates very well with the Windows environment favoured by the majority of businesses.

Budget Fleet Phone

Nokia 208

I won’t pretend that that this is a mobile device to set one’s heart a-flutter, but what the Nokia 208 sets out to do, it does admirably, and for minimal cost. It makes phone calls, offers email and basic browsing, is sturdy, and it is reliable. And if, heaven forfend, something was to happen to it, it’s pretty easy to replace.

The Nokia 208 is the functional replacement to Nokia's venerable C2-01, which was Dog and Bone's best-selling mobile handset. Like its predecessor, we expect the 208 will prove similarly popular as a basic level device for a vast range of businesses. Unlike the C2-01, it comes in a range of colours. What more could you want?