Turnbull Attacks the NBN, Again

The Shadow Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull has unleashed his latest diatribe against the NBN.

Typically, it is long on words, short on figures, extensive in supposition - the whole thing is festooned with 'ifs' and 'maybes' - and sharply unfocussed. It's worth a read, if you interested in this kind of thing, although don't expect to find any of the much-requested elaborations on the Coalition's own broadband policy. He does defend this fatal shortage of detail by pointing out that Senator Conroy didn't reveal much prior to the 2007 election (for which he was condemned by the then-government). It turns out the rules are different for governments and oppositions - which we knew anyway.

Otherwise, everything he brings up in the article has been addressed many times already. As I've mentioned before, it is not unlike the climate change debate, which cannot be permitted to move forward because the same vested interests keep asking the same questions, no matter how many times they are answered. It wouldn't matter if the people asking the questions could be ignored, but too often they are in a position where they have to be patiently answered, again and again, with serious consequences, even as they display no interest in the answers. Turnbull claims for example that the NBN rollout is behind schedule (it mostly isn't), but somehow fails to mention that his parliamentary filibustering contributed in no small part to those delays.