Telstra Increases Key Landline Rates

Telstra has announced that from October 1, 2012, most standard fixed line plans will see significant increases in the cost of both local calls and calls to 13 / 1300 services. 

The local call tariff will increase by 2c ($0.02), while the cost to call a 13 / 1300 number will rise from 30c to 35c. It should be pointed at that these are flat rates, and are not charged per unit of time.

These may seem like small increases, but our vast database of call rates provides ample proof that these two categories often make up the overwhelming majority of calls made from company fixed lines. Businesses can make many thousands of calls to a 13 number in the course of a single month, for security and banking services among other things. A 5c per call increase could really add up. 

Furthermore, Calls to 13 / 1300 numbers is an area in which Telstra rarely indulges in negotiation, even for the largest corporations. Almost all Telstra customers pay the standard rate. This is the rate that is invariably passed on to Layer Two providers reselling Telstra services (who sometimes add a further tariff on top). This increase will therefore have a flow-on effect even for those customers of telcos who resell Telstra.

Of arguably greater interest to Dog and Bone clients is the news that Telstra is going to increase the PSTN line rental rate for both charities and not-for-profit organisations. As you may know, these types of organisation have for some time enjoyed a special concessions rate of $12.41 (Charity) and $19.49 (NFP) respectively. These rental charges will increase by approximately $2.01 per month for both types, to $14.40 and $21.50. 

There will also be a 1c increase to the standard charity call rate from a fixed line to a mobile.