Telstra Business Fleet Connect and You

As I've mentioned before, Telstra is about to release its new range of mobile fleet plans: Business Fleet Connect (BFC). From November 26 this product will replace the existing Business Mobile Advantage (BMA) plans for all new connections. What does this mean for your business?

The first thing to know is that from November 26 it will no longer be possible to sign a new mobile connection onto BMA. All new connections will be placed on BFC. As I said in our review of the new plans, this will mean an increase in costs and a decrease in inclusions. More on this below.

However, it is also important to know that all mobiles already on BMA will continue as they are now - they won't be changed to the new pricing. BMA is the plan schedule you were contracted to, and you will continue on that pricing until the agreement expires. Also rest assured that BMA and BFC can co-exist on the same account, and that mobiles on either plan will share their fleet allowances - calls, data - between them. 

Given that Telstra's fleet plans are contracted at service level - don't get me started - this means that it is supremely unlikely that all of your mobiles will switch over to the new pricing at the same time. So don't worry that your costs will suddenly shoot up from November 26!

But they will go up. As mentioned in our review, nearly everything about the new plans is more expensive and less generous. Our modelling suggests that mobile costs will increase by about 10%, although this will of course vary according to the configuration of your mobile services, and the habits of your staff. 

Dog and Bone can quickly and accurately benchmark precisely what impact the new BFC plans will have on your telco costs, so we urge you to get in touch with us if you are at all concerned.

For now, forewarned is forearmed.