Charity Corner

Charity Corner: Vinnies Christmas Gift Appeal

Please support Vinnies in giving the gift of Christmas this season.

St Vincent de Paul is currently running its annual Vinnies Christmas Gift Appeal. This program is aimed at helping families or individuals in need who without assistance may not enjoy the kind of Christmas that many of us take for granted.

There are several ways that those who are interested can assist this program. 

1. You can  hold a gift appeal at your school or workplace. Volunteers will collect any gifts from your workplace in mid-December. 

2. Alternatively, you can deliver any gifts directly to Vinnies (details of the closest Vinnies Centre can be found on their website here). Please ensure that all gifts are unwrapped (since they will need to be checked anyway and given to the appropriate recipients). 

St Vincent de Paul has provided the following guidelines for appropriate gifts:

Children & teenagersPlush toys, rattles, clothes, building blocks, toy musical instruments, books, DVDs, board games, sporting equipment, movie tickets and gift vouchers.

MenWe find it particularly difficult to get presents for men and teenage boys. Toiletry packs containing razors, shaving cream, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant make wonderful gifts and are easy to distribute. Clothing such as t-shirts (all sizes), thongs (sizes 8-12), socks, backpacks/bags and gift vouchers are also ideal.

WomenToiletry packs containing shower gel, razors, shampoo/conditioner, body lotion, makeup, toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant are great gifts. Clothing or clothing vouchers, shoes and sandals, bags and gift vouchers are also appreciated by our clients.

Skydive To Save

On Saturday October 27 Save the Children Australia is hosting the Skydive To Save event at Barwon Heads, Victoria as part of its National Children's Week (Oct 20-28) activities.

If you've ever wanted to try out skydiving, or were curious to know whether your existing passion for leaping from planes could assist children in need, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go. You'll be helping raise funds for a very worthy organisation. 

Further details, and information on how to sign up, can be found at the Skydive To Save homepage.

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organisation for children, with 29 national organisations working together to deliver programs in more than 120 countries. Dog and Bone is exceedingly proud to work with Save the Children Australia, and to have achieved outstanding results on their behalf.

Charity Corner: Anti-Poverty Week 2011

Anti-Poverty Week 2011 will take place between October 16-22, and will feature a range of activities in every state. Several Dog and Bone clients, including St Vincent de Paul, are playing an active role in events.

The goal of Anti-Poverty week is to strengthen public awareness and discussion of issues relating to poverty and homelessness in Australia, and to encourage people to do something about it. Both individuals and organisations are encouraged to either organise an event yourself, or get involved in one of the many activities that are being run by others.

More information, including how you can get involved and where, can be found here.

The Peter Mac Ride to Conquer Cancer

Dog and Bone client TLC Aged Care is participating in the 2012 Peter Mac Ride to Conquer Cancer. This event will be held in late October 2012, and aims to raise funds for the Peter Mac Cancer Centre's continuing research into the cure and management of cancer.

Participants must ride 200km in 2 days, through the beautiful Victorian countryside. The team from TLC Aged Care - The Free Wheelers - comprises four riders, and aims to raise $12,100. We urge all readers to support this wonderful cause. Bear in mind that all donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donations can be made here. More information can be found at the Ride to Conquer Cancer homepage.

CEO Sleepout

Last Thursday, nearly 1,000 business leaders, including politicians, CEO and General Managers - and our own Daniel McKinley - took part in St Vincent de Paul's annual CEO Sleepout. They were invited to rough it for a night, in order to experience first hand a tiny part of what it is like to be homeless. 

The event raised both awareness of the issue, and some serious money - over $3 million, in fact. Daniel felt it to be a tremendously worthwhile experience, and his back can attest to just how comfortable a night on cement is. However, his back will mend, but the issue of homelessness is a constant one. But it is one that can be overcome, with sufficient will and resources. We urge all readers to get behind programs such as this, and to donate whatever you feel you can.

Charity Corner: Vinnies CEO Sleepout

On Thursday 16 June 2011 the Vinnies CEO Sleepout takes place in capital cities across Australia. The event challenges business and community leaders to experience homelessness first-hand for one night, raise important money, and with fresh insight go on to effect change in social opinions on this serious issue. 

Our very own director Dan McKinley will be attending, and is looking forward to the opportunity to gain valuable experience and insight into the issue of homelessness. All money raised goes directly towards the ongoing provision of Vinnies’ homeless services across the country. You can support Vinnies by sponsoring a CEO and be sure to spread the word.

Further details about the Victorian event can be found here.

If you would like let us know of an upcoming event or initiative for your organisation, please let us know, and we will be happy to include it on our site.

Charity Corner: Heart of St Kilda Concert

Each year Sacred Heart Mission hosts the annual Heart of St Kilda Concert. This year's concert will take place on Monday, 27 June at the Palais Theatre. It will include some of some of Australia's best loved performers - John Stevens, Paul Kelly, Tripod, Wolfgram Sisters, Des Dowling, Carl Wilson, Billy Miller, and Russell Morris.


This is one of Melbourne's most anticipated variety shows with prominent musicians and comedians coming together to raise money for Sacred Heart Mission.  Tickets go on sale in May, and will be available from the Sacred Heart Mission website.

Charity Corner: RTSS Alpine Challenge

Challenge yourself, and help raise funds for Road Trauma Support Services!

Imagine completing 2 or 4 marathons in 48 hours! Choose from 3 events – the 100 mile (160km) Alpine Skyrun, the 100km Corporate / Team Challenge or, the new 60km Alpine Experience. Commit to as little as 15km in a relay team or 160km as an endurance runner, whilst raising funds to reduce road trauma and crashes. Set in Victoria’s stunning Alpine National Park, the Alpine Challenge will test you to the limit as you traverse some of the toughest and most exposed areas of the Australian Alps.

Take up the challenge and step out of your comfort zone with the Alpine Challenge, raise funds to help others. Your support in raising sponsorship will help them to live better lives. Your challenge will be to complete your chosen distance of 160km, 100km or 60km – within 48 hours, either running or walking, on your own, or as part of a team. 

The 100 mile event will test runners to the limit with over 7,000 metres of ascent and descent including; Mt Bogong, Mt Feathertop, Mt Hotham, Mt Nelse and Spione Kopje – some of Victoria’s toughest and most exposed alpine country. The 100km course covers over 4,000m of ascent and descent and is open to runners and walkers. It covers the same course as the 100 mile course, but excludes the Mt Feathertop loop. The new 60km Alpine Experience course covers 1,200m of ascent and descent with stunning scenery and is open to runners and walkers in solo, endurance or relay teams who want a slightly easier challenge. Over two days it is a great introduction to trail running in the wild. If you’re looking for something different - if you want great scenery, to push yourself to the limit, to forge new friendships and an experience you won’t forget – the Alpine Challenge is the event for you. Details can be found at their website.

Please note, the above article has been sourced from material provided by RTSS.

They're calling on you

By recycling your mobile phone, you can help save gorillas and stop a brutal war in the Congo. Assuming you like gorillas and don't like war, read on to find out how.

Every mobile phone includes essential transistors made form the metal tantalum, which is refined from the ore coltan. Coltan is found in sizable quantities in the Congo River Basin, as part of combined ore deposits estimated at about US$24 trillion. Since the late 1990s, this region has been violently contested by foreign armies, rebel forces, militias and western (self-)interests, all of whom are generating massive profits, inflicting widespread misery, and wiping out valuable wildlife habitats. Forced child labour is now common. Meanwhile, the gorilla population has dropped by 90% in the last five years.

There are alternative ways to get tantalum, however. Indeed, Australia is one of the world's largest suppliers. Increasingly, many electronics companies are sourcing their tantalum from outside Central Africa.

Zoos Victoria, in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute, has set up the They're Calling On You program, which invites you to send in your old mobile phones so that its valuable components can be harvested and recycled. By donating your old mobile to the program, you are:

  • Providing funds to the Jane Goodall Institute to carry on their primate conservation work, through the sale of refurbished handsets.
  • Lessening the need for coltan.
  • Decreasing landfill.

Phones can be dropped off at Melbourne Zoo or Werribee Park Zoo, or posted free of charge by downloading and printing a postage-paid label from the website. Corporate and school fleet donations are strongly encouraged. For more information, and pre-paid labels, visit

Charity Corner: Save The Children's Niger Campaign

In the west African country of Niger a toxic cocktail of rising food prices, drought, and failed crops has combined to put the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in danger. In Niger one in six children don't live to see their fifth birthday.

The goal of Save the Children’s emergency response is to reduce mortality in disadvantaged households in Niger through direct program activities and both national and international advocacy. To achieve this, Save the Children is augmenting current development work in the south of Niger to provide life-saving intervention for 326,000 children and 144,000 adults.

To help children and families affected by the Niger Food crisis you can: 

  • Donate securely online.
  • Call our toll free number 1800 76 00 11 and donate over the phone.

Further details of this and many other campaigns can be found on the Save the Children website. We urge you to help.