New Product: SMS Reporting

Want to save money and empower your mobile phone users? 

Dog and Bone's fully managed Mobile Usage SMS Reporting service enables organisations to send out an SMS each month to every staff member, keeping them informed about their mobile call spend level and SMS totals. Extensive trialling has demonstrated that this service provides measurable and tangible benefits.

We have found that staff members are far more mindful of using their mobiles responsibly when they are aware of their use and have knowledge that this is being monitored. This can serve to reinforce existing Call Policies that your organisation may have in place. Our experience has shown that one of the biggest causes of staff misuse is that they are simply unaware of their usage and unsure of what they are allowed to do.

Naturally, most organisations monitor phone usage as a matter of course. However, we have found the obvious shortcoming of this approach is that it generally seeks action once unacceptable usage has occurred. Our feedback overwhelmingly suggests that an unobtrusive SMS reminder works very well at stopping unusual or excessive usage before it takes place. This service is aimed at promoting and allowing good corporate citizenship. If staff don't know their spend then it is hard for them to self-manage and even harder to enforce company policies.

Furthermore, the SMS Reporting service assists management in allocating costs, without it having to be reported by section managers. For example, a commonly-voiced concern is from users whose projects must conform to budgetary limits, and yet have trouble determining the mobile expenditure of those working under them. Our SMS Reporting puts that information at their fingertips.

Whilst SMS Reporting is available to all Dog and Bone clients, we anticipate it will be most useful for our Independent Telecommunications Support Service clients. Indeed, this service perfectly complements our Support Services, as it relies on Dog and Bone having access to a client's online billing data (which is included under ITSS). As a consequence, a significant discount is available if both ITSS and SMS Reporting services are used. Pricing for this service is on a per message basis, and varies depending on ease of access to billing information.

Please don't hesitate to contact Dog and Bone for further information.