New Product: Satellite Phones

Dog and Bone is now able to extend our ICT consulting services to the satellite phone arena (both local and international). 

Dog and Bone has been assisting our clients to source satellite phones for years. Overwhelmingly, we have found them to be expensive to buy ($1,750 - $2,500) and even more expensive to operate. However, the new IsatPhone Pro is a refreshing change. Although we do not make a habit of promoting one product over another, we think this one deserves it. Here are some points of note:

  • The outright cost for the device is only $799 (ex GST).
  • There is an excellent government subsidy of either 50% or 85% for the outright purchase of the hardware (which covers up to two handsets if you are a not-for-profit client). Details can be found here.
  • This phone can be paid on an monthly basis or prepaid.
  • Monthly plans start at $65 per month with calls costs at $1.80 per minute. 
  • Prepaid plans start at $60 for 50 units, $250 for 250 units or $400 for 500 units. A call to any landline in the world equates to 1 unit per minute, while an SMS equals 0.5 units. Best of all: these credits are good for 2 years.
  • The IsatPhone Pro can be used as a modem. It can only achieve speeds of 2.4kbs but with AST's free compression software, this is more like 20kbs. It still isn't quick, but it's more reliable than a carrier pigeon or a donkey and it works anywhere in the world.
  • This phone will work anywhere in the world, that is a) not in either polar regions b) inside a building.
  • The outgoing call rates are much cheaper than most global roaming plans for your normal mobile phone.
  • The phone has inbuilt GPS (it gives you your coordinates so you can tell someone you are lost and where!)
  • The phone has Bluetooth for easy connection.
  • The phone is small and tough and has lots of accessories if you need, comes standard with 4 power connectors for the global traveller.
  • The IsatPhone Pro is an international sat phone, so to call it from an Australian number is very expensive for the caller (about $6 per minute). AST does offer an Australian number for $5 extra per month, whereby callers pay the same as a local or STD call (although the sat phone user pays for the incoming call at $2 per minute).

So if you need a sat phone, always wanted one or just want to strike a pose with a massive handheld device, then please don't hesitate to call us. We are able to assist with a wide range of satellite services in Australia and Internationally, from satellite phones, to fixed satellite services, to backpack emergency models.