As expected, the federal government has delayed releasing the Cost Benefit Analysis of the National Broadband Network until after parliament has finished sitting. Their reasoning is that the report comes in at a whopping 400 pages. Given that the whole thing is basically a work of speculative fiction anyway, surely they could slap a Harry Potter or Dan Brown cover on it, and they'd have volunteers lining up to tear through it in a night. 400 pages really isn't that much, especially when there are at most two pages that anyone is interested in seeing.

In the meantime, there's a nice article by John Stanton up on the ABC website about some comparable exercises conducted by several of our neighbours, and what their efforts can teach us. In case you're concerned that it's just a pink-wash by those lefties at Aunty, the article was penned by the CEO of the Communications Alliance, which is the peak body representing the telecommunications industry. It's well worth a read.