Introducing TMaaS

Dog and Bone is delighted to announce the release of our new Telecommunication Management as a Service (TMaaS). This replaces our highly popular Independent Telecommunications Support Service (ITSS). We anticipate that TMaaS will be if anything more popular, since it is frankly even better.

TMaaS is the first result of Dog and Bone’s continuing update and steamline of our entire suite of support services. Look for further announcements in the coming months.

TMaaS, like its predecessor ITSS, provides Dog and Bone’s clients with ongoing telecommunications support, specifically tailored to their business needs. It includes monthly macro account audits, SMSbill reporting, on-call advice and resolution management, among a host of other features, depending on each business’s particular requirements.

Clients invariably find that our Telecommunications Management as a Service more than pays for itself through dramatic reductions in required staff resources, not to mention the savings that come when issues are spotted immediately and resolved quickly, and the peace of mind that comes from having high-level industry experts on call.

Perhaps most importantly, levels of management are now organised into three service tiers, although these can be further tailored to your specific requirements. Since diagrams make everything more comprehensible, here is one that shows precisely the kind of services that TMaaS includes:


1. Reporting and Monitoring

(Recommended for organisations looking to support their internal ICT teams).

This package is ideal for those organisations wishing to safeguard themselves against potential bill shock. Typically suited to small organisations with limited internal resources, this provides access to high end industry expertise & consultation for a fraction of the cost.

2. Collaborative Management

(Recommended for organisations looking to inject expertise, playing an integral role within their internal ICT team).

Collaborative Management provides all the core essentials to complement an organisation’s internal IT resources, eliciting greater control of their accounts. Our additional levels of support & monitoring ensure quick, efficient and more autonomous management of your accounts, mitigating unnecessary costs and misuse.

3. Fully Managed

(Recommended for organisations looking to significantly alleviate pressure on internal ICT resources).

This is Dog and Bone’s comprehensive management service. Designed for those organisations that wish to have their infrastructure/mobile fleet, provisioning and expense management fully managed. This product is aimed at alleviating internal resources, thus freeing up staff to focus on other areas of the organisation.

We highly encourage you to get in touch with Dog and Bone about Telecommunications Management as a Service. You'll be glad you did.