Handy Tip: iPhone Emoticons

Offbeat tip today: how to access emoticons on your iPhone.

First, the indulgent backstory. I’m ashamed – if that’s the word – to admit that until earlier today, I didn’t have a clue how to use emoticons on my iPhone for text message or iMessages. I’m probably more embarrassed to add that the reason I set about rectifying this shortcoming was Valentine’s Day.

I’d forgotten to mention it to my wife before I left the house this morning (by some coincidence she seemed peeved with me), and figured that I’d make things right by sending her a small icon of a gift-wrapped love-heart, because that’s what super-thoughtful guys do. I researched how to do this, and in the altruistic spirit of today I’d like to share it.

As an aside, I will soon be taking enrolments for my award-winning marriage counselling course.

  1. Navigate through Settings  --> General --> Keyboard --> Keyboards --> Add New Keyboard
  2. Scroll down to Enoji
  3. Your message client should now have a little wireframe icon of the world next to the spacebar. Tapping this will switch you to the alternative (Enjoji) keyboard, which is where all the delightful and not-at-all twee icons are stored.
  4. To get back to your English keyboard, tap the world icon again.

You now never have to worry about missing Valentine’s Day again. On an unrelated note, I'm really looking forward to a night on the couch.