Free NFP Telecommunications Review

Dog and Bone is excited to announce our new Free NFP Telecommunications Review service. 

This new product is fundamentally the same as our Telecommunications Review and Tender Management service, which is arguably our most popular service, and certainly the one with which we regularly generate the most dramatic savings for our clients. There are only a few differences:

1. This service is only open to not-for-profit (NFP) organisations;

2. To be eligible, the NFP organisation must have an average monthly telecommunications spend of no more than $800;

3. This service is available to a maximum of one organisation each month.

4. It is completely free.

Putting our expertise at the service of deserving organisations is fundamental to our mission, and this is the kind of service we have always been keen to provide. 

For those unfamiliar with our Review service, it is a fully managed contract negotiation service, whereby we secure the best available rates for your telecommunications services, invariably securing substantial savings. Sometimes the savings are enormous; just last week we saved a client over $400,000. Here is a separate case study, taken from an actual Dog and Bone client.

We encourage anyone who believes they might benefit from this service to get in touch with us. Based on our experience, it's likely that nearly everyone would benefit. After all, Dog and Bone's Telecommunications Review is already a service that always pays for itself. So why not get it for free?