Dog and Bone Strategic Planning Day 2015

Last Thursday, Dog and Bone held its annual Strategic Planning Day, facilitated by the Groupwork Institute of Australia.

As ever, it was a fantastic day, filled with laughter, superb food and a forensic examination of how Dog and Bone does business, and how we’d like to change and grow. There was also a trampoline.

This year many of us found the day particularly useful given a tighter focus on more practical, imminently-achievable outcomes. We were able to enunciate clearly what we would like to achieve in the near to mid-term, and were encouraged to lay out the practical steps we need to take in order to get there.

This applied equally to outlining new products and services, ways of improving the way we manage internal technical issues, new ways of engaging with our customers online or in person, and, vitally, new initiatives whereby Dog and Bone can allocate resource to helping other, whether at a local or even international level.

All of us left genuinely optimistic that we’ll be able to achieve everything we set out to. So look for some new stuff soon (starting with a new website hopefully in the coming weeks). 

Given recent expansion, it also provided an excellent opportunity for new and existing staff to get to know each other. Indeed, for two of the new staff members the Planning Day fell before their first official work day, meaning they were meeting plenty of us for the very first time.


Team-building continued well into the night, in a far less formal way. We learned that Caitie and Angus quite like washing up first thing in the morning, which seemed like a dangerous admission to make. The dispute over who had the most regretted tattoo had an unlikely winner. Woodfired pizzas seemed to go on arriving for hours. AiLin was the first to bed. James and Angus emphatically were not.