Dog and Bone is now hiring!

Dog and Bone is currently looking to expand our team, adding another Analyst / Client Support role. There would also be Administrative and Executive Assistance duties. Details can be found here.

As someone who already works at Dog and Bone - the fact that I'm writing the blog is something of a giveaway - it's probably not that surprising when I say it's a great place to work. It certainly has nothing to do with the frightening man in the anonymous grey suit standing behind my chair. But really, it's a fantastic office (converted bank, table tennis table, whiff of mahogany), filled with great people (me, for one), situated in a wonderful location (High St, Northcote). It's a professional atmosphere, but also a very relaxed and fun one. There's also a fish tank; a proven capacity to keep fish alive would be a plus, and, it turns out, a rarity.

The work is also pretty interesting, although that can be upgraded to extremely interesting if you're especially into ICT, which you presumably will be. We also work with some really great companies who make a real difference in the world, and frequently save them lots of money, thus enabling them to make even more of a difference. A warm fuzzy glow is thus part of the job package, even if it's not mentioned in the ad. 

So please, I encourage you too look over the ad, and if you think this would be something you're suited to and qualified for, please don't hesitate to send through an expression of interest, and your resume. I'm certain you won't regret it. 

Direct all enquiries to