Dealing with premium mobile services

Having audited the accounts of quite a few companies, I can say with some confidence that one of the most prevalent kinds of 'misuse' of company mobiles is in the accessing of premium mobile content, or those dreaded 1900 numbers. Most staff members deny deliberately accessing these services - the strenuousness of denials are usually in proportion to how risque the content is - but in most cases they are generally telling the truth. People often subscribe to these services without realising what they're doing. Once you've subscribed it can be hard to back out. (To be sure, there are perfectly legitimate 1900 services, but for every one of these there are ten lame horoscopes that won't let you unsubscribe, or unasked-for updates to sporting events you've never heard of, that charge you for receiving the update.)

The good news is, there are avenues to assistance, if not to retribution. The absolute best resource on this matter is the 19SMS website, which features lots of information about these premium services, including stepping out how precisely to opt-out, and how to escalate the matter if the content provider won't let you go.