Blackberry 10 Unveiled

The good news is that the Blackberry 10 has been released. The better news is that there are two of them. 

The first, called the Z10, is a 4.2 inch with a full touchscreen. The second, the Q10, provides a physical keyboard. This keyboard, according to the guy whose job it is to sell it to the world, provides the "best typing experience in the industry, period." (He has not learned that you don't have to read out the full stop at the end of a sentence.)

The middling news is that Research in Motion (RIM) is no longer a thing. It has renamed itself Blackberry, a move that was long overdue given that RIM doesn't make anything else but Blackberry products. 

The bad news is that it hasn't been released in Australia, and that by all account we won't see either model until at least March. Word is that both Telstra and Optus have stated they'll offer the Z10. Vodafone has suggested they won't stock either of them. We'll update as more information becomes available.

Dog and Bone has previously covered most of the key new features of the Blackberry 10. There was nothing announced that hasn't been known about for a long time. The most consistent analysis - which I can see no reason to differ from - is that the Q10 is among the most advanced smartphones in the world, but that it may not be enough to lure back a generation of disgruntled users. Apple and Android have achieved an overwhelming dominance of the market.