Why being a B Corp matters to Dog and Bone

In an effort to participate in the first global activation of B Corps, Dog and Bone has been asked to outline what being a B Corp means to us and why we care.

First off, if you have never heard of B corps we recommend you check out their website: http://bcorporation.com.au/. Essentially, B Corps are companies who care deeply about the society and world in which they operate, and who conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with this.

B Lab Australia and New Zealand executive director Andrea De Almeida explains the ethos behind being a B Corp as using “business as a force for good” and “understanding the impact businesses have on customers, employees, supply chain, the environment, and the community they are operating in”.

Founder and CEO of Dog and Bone, Dan McKinley, at the ripe age of 21 concluded that his best opportunity to make a significant difference was to do so through running an ethical organisation and “business as a force for good”, aptly sums up Dan’s motivation for starting Dog and Bone. 

For mass change to happen quickly, Dan believes that solutions must be both sustainable (self-funding) and also, they must set an example. Dan sees socially responsible business as a key element in driving change.

As well as providing an example of how B Corps can be successful, Dog and Bone has a passion for supporting frontline organisations to focus on achieving amazing outcomes for the people they support. We are passionate about enabling decision makers to make informed and strategical sound ICT decisions.

Empowering organisations to make strategic ICT decisions can have a profound effect on supporting them to deliver their mission. We also help them to significantly reduce costs. Over the last year, we have reduced ICT spend by over 35 million for a range of not-for-profit and government organisations.

Obviously, freeing up this amount of funds, allows these organisations to dramatically increase their effectiveness in doing what they do best. Our biggest impact is through empowering others and this makes us proud to exist and proud to be recognised as a certified B Corp.