Some Telstra News

Some good news for Telstra customers lately, so let's celebrate that!

Roll Over

Australia's biggest telco has finally gotten with the industry trend, and is introducing call credit and data roll over. Kind of.

They actually only releasing it on their pre-paid Freedom Plus plans, and the rollover period is not for an entire month, but for 28 days. It's something, but it's a long way from everything. 

Still, they've also increased the data allowances on those plans. $30 now gets you 1.3Gb per month. Again, this isn't stellar by industry standards, but then Telstra's inclusions never have been. Let's call it a win. There are many thousands of customers using those plans, so they should be very happy.

Telstra AIR

It's unlikely they'll be quite as happy as the customer's who've signed up to Telstra Air, at least if Telstra's website is anything to go by. I can’t recall seeing more ecstatic customers. Just look at these people – that’s some serious Wi-Fi joy.

Lest you haven’t heard, Telstra Air is global network of Wi-Fi hotspots that enables users to access their home broadband allowance while they’re out and about. As implied, this is a service only available to Telstra home broadband customers.

In order to achieve a comparable level of rapture, you’ll require a compatible gateway (modem) that must be configured to share automatically a portion of your home bandwidth with other nearby customers.

Your largesse is rewarded by being able to use the shared bandwidth of other participants. These are called ‘home hotspots’. There are also hotspots located at Telstra payphones – you may have noticed that these now festooned with pink Wi-Fi branding – and near Telstra stores. All up there are over 100,000 of these hotspots in Australia – which Telstra hopes to grow to two million in the next few years – and about 15 million worldwide.

Customers who have signed up can download the Telstra Air app (iTunes and Play Store), which provides real-time locations of nearby available hotspots.