Optus Expands Your Data Pool

Optus this week launched a new data pooling offer, whereby single users or families can combine all eligible mobile and mobile broadband plans onto a single bill, thus combining their total allocation of data. This data can be accessed by any device on that bill.

This is an expansion of the previous provision, which allowed data-only device to share their data plans. Now mobile phones can be included.

It is Dog and Bone’s experience that data pooling is always a good thing, for several reasons. Firstly, an increased data pool significantly lessens the likelihood of any one user suffering exorbitant excess fees. Excess data charges are one of the main causes of bill shock, although recent initiatives by Optus and other telcos have significantly reduced the chances of this happening.

Secondly, we have found with business customers that data pooling leads to significant plan cost reductions. Once data is pooled, there is less need for each user to have a large data plan, since it is generally the case that other users in the pool won’t use all of their data allowance in a given month. Rather than try to work out how much each person needs, it now becomes important to ascertain how much the group uses as a whole.

The offer ends on October 5. Further information can be found on the Optus website.