New Vodafone Plans

Vodafone has released a new range of consumer and business mobile phone plans. Or in marketing-speak, they have ‘shaken-up’ their existing range of plans. Whether you prefer new plans or shaken up old ones is a question only you can answer.

In brief, new provisions include:

  • Unlimited talk and text on all post-paid and pre-paid plans;
  • Data increases on most plans (for example the $100 Red plan now includes 10Gb of data, up from 6Gb);
  • Unlimited international calls to 10 countries (including the UK, USA, New Zealand, India and China);
  • Customers using shared data pooling – Data Control – are now able to turn data on or off for particular plans.

In slightly more detail, the unlimited provisions bring Vodafone’s plans in line with Optus, which also offers unlimited talk and text on all plans. For people who talk and / or text a lot, go nuts. 

Data increases are always welcome. CEO Inaki Berroeta said that this was in response to ‘customer demand’. Vodafone has dramatically turned around its fortunes in the last four years, since the lows of ‘Vodafail’. Many commentators are the time predicted, or at least feared, that the Australian telco market was about to lose its vital third player. Vodafone has since regained market share – although it is still well behind Optus in third place – thanks to improved customer service and heavy network investment.

The data increases have been consistent across both RED plans and SIM-only plans. For example, the $40 SIM-only plan now includes 4Gb of data, which is quite good, indeed.

It also markets itself on its international profile, and in truth as always been a strong provider for international travellers. The addition of free calls to commonly called countries only further strengthens this position. Additionally, calls to other countries are now charged at $6 per 60 minutes. There are also unlimited SMS to international countries.

It will be interesting to see whether this helps Vodafone regain any traction in the business space. While having a third option is essential in the consumer market, it certain would help in the business market, too.

For more details, check out Vodafone’s site.