New Telstra Freedom Plus Plans

Telstra has unveiled some welcome changes to its pre-paid Freedom Plus mobile plans.

Starting from today, both the $40 and $50 Freedom Plus recharges now include unlimited national calls to all Australian mobiles and landlines. The $30 recharge is not unlimited, but has seen an enormous increase in call credit – from $250 for both national and international calls, to $700 credit for national calls and $200 for international calls.

There is no change to the included data, which remains at 1.3Gb for the $30 plan, 3Gb for the $40 plan, and 4Gb for the $50 plan. (There's also a current bonus 'Night' offer whereby you get that amount of data again to use after 8Pm, available until January 26, 2016.)

Here’s a handy table to show the changes:

You should also note that unused call credit is rolled over into the following 28-day period, but only once!

In related news, Telstra (with Ericsson) has managed to top 1Gbps over an LTE (4G) connection. They achieved this via heavily aggregating 100Mhz of spectrum culled from five different frequency blocks.

Don’t get too excited, though: these kinds of speeds are a very long way off for consumers. Currently the fastest commercially available 4G products are rated up to 600Mbps. This is still exceptionally fast, though that figure represents a value unseen in ordinary outdoor use.

People are reporting results (via Speedtest) of 100Mbps per second on Telstra 4GX, however. At that speed you would use up your 4Gb data allowance in under a minute.